Wednesday, March 25, 2009

movie posters?

dear european countries,

what the what?!?! i totes understand that sometimes things get lost in translation. i realize that i take for granted that 95% of the movies i watch are made in my native tongue,in my home country (the other 5% are all the hubs idea, he wants to expand culturally, or some nonsense like that!) but seriously, what the fetch??? these can't be posters for the movies i think they are, can they?

star wars

so apparently in russia, star wars equals space cowboy. i must have missed the part when luke hops his trusty horse, pulls out his lightsaber gun, storms the deathstar and lasso's him some bad storm troopers. how pissed would you be if you went to see star wars based on this poster? i know i would, because i for one do not believe there are enough space cowboy movies

*shaking my head* czech republic, czech republic. well, you added the word zoltar in the back, so i guess i will give you 2 points for that and maybe a point for the sweet heart shaped sunglasses, but it ends there. at what point in this movie does tom hanks head implode into a ball of fire? maybe i was out getting popcorn or something. maybe his head should have imploded, it would have made the movie more interesting....

king kong
now i never saw any of the older versions of king kong, just the peter jackson one, but i am thinking i now want my $10 back because, apparently in the other versions king kong fights a ginormous cobra with one hand and choke holds a shark with the other, all the while avoids being skewered by a frickin ocean liner. maybe peter jackson dropped the ball on his.... but in all likeliness it was probably just france trying to spice things up.


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beth said...

i just shot milk from my cereal out my nose when i read the part about tom hanks' head exploding in big!! so funny! thanks!