Friday, May 7, 2010

the end of the seeker

dear legend of the seeker,

i heard last week that your awesomely, boob-erific, cheesy show

(that is so lame it is fetch)

will be no more.

while i am not entirely surprised, i am very sad.

and decided to pay tribute in the only way i know how

a homage:

good bye

sexy abs in tight leather pants

good bye

bad a** knife wielding chick with boobs always out

good bye

s&m dominatrix with weapons that are clearly vibrators

good bye

crazy old wizard who only throws kick asphalt wizards fire when it is convenient to the plot

good bye

disney aladdin/genie like villian who never seems to be able to kill the seeker, despite trying each week

good bye

magic amulets, that there was always an abundance of

and were the key to saving towns

(srsly who keeps making all these amulets???)

you have provided demos and i countless hours of discussing your often confusing, but awesomely awesome show

you will be missed,

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

random letters

dear eclipse movie,

what the fetch is going on with you?

dear dexter,

can't wait for you to be back on in four months.

you are srsly one of the best shows on tv

p.s. glad you are feeling better

dear LOST,

you are heartless bastards.

i am so in shock over last nights episode,

not sure when I'll be ready to talk to you again......

dear dr spaceman,

you srsly make 30 rock.


dear vampire diaries,

how is it possible that a vampire,

high school drama,

on the CW

is better than twilight???

get back to me on that.

randomly yours,