Tuesday, April 12, 2011

hollywood roundup

dear hollywood,

its that time again to roundup all the stuff you might have missed this week

in the what the hey-hey moment of the week

kimberly stewart (rod stewarts daughter) and benicio del toro (the puerto rican brad pitt) are having a baby. wait were they together? apparently long enough to procreate.

i envision love at first sight, benicio spotting kim from across the room, their eyes meeting and sparks flying.....

that or it was a drunken party, benicio stumbling into the ladies bathroom, then stumbling into and out of a very drunk k.stew a couple of times and bam! isn't the miracle of life wonderful?

so bono's charity "ONE" has come under scrutiny when it was revealed that only a little over 1% of donations actually go to poor, hungry people.

the rest of it went to these people, the "ONE" staff.

in all fairness, it isn't cheap hiring people to brainstorm creative and fun ways to not provide food to hungry people. helping people ain't free. what is this a charity? oh wait......

and of course a few pregnancies were announced.


don't people realize that not having a baby is the new having a baby??

tori spelling and liam mcdermott (am i the only one who isn't sure why this dude is famous?) are having a third child

tina fey is having a second baby because of peer pressure. apparently her daughter is the only child at school who is the only child....

score one for hollywood for procreating for great reasons

i kid. i like tina.

but srsly, just say no to babies.

emily deschanel and david hornsby are having a baby. can i just say score to rickety cricket for getting such a hot wife!

Monday, April 11, 2011


dear jennifer lawrence,

so it isn't news that you have been cast as katniss in the hunger games movie. i was hesitant when i found out, you certainly didn't look the part, but as we all know, just because you look like the character, doesn't mean you can play the part right, or even act (*cough* kristen stewart)

a lot of the HG fan forums said that i would feel different after i saw you in "winter's bone". so i watched it. and while i am not a huge fan of this movie, (or your constant montone, too many flash backs of bella), but there were certain aspects of it made me realize you should be able to pull it off playing katniss.

in fact, there were A LOT of similarities between the 2 stories

a poor small town that is dreary and gray all the time? check

a mother that is so depressed she is in a comatose state? check

having to grow up too soon to care for your family? check

able to hunt, kill and clean an animal? check

the only reason difference in the 2 were the fathers of the main characters......

that and the whole televised children killing each other thing.

i guess what i am saying is, after seeing you in winters bone,

i am a little more excited for next march when Hunger Games comes out.

now i just have to get over who they cast as peeta....

Saturday, April 9, 2011

dear target

i must admit when i found out you were creating these new fits, i wasn't really interested, i rarely bought clothes from you and i found the system to be a little confusing.

fast forward to 6 months ago and i moved to a small town that basically just has a walmart (which i really like, but have yet to find good clothes there)

it has been fine, i am able to buy most things online and it hasn't been a big issue, but as we all know, pants are really hard to shop for, and even harder to buy online.

i was up in the "big city" and went to target, decided to try on their fits and guess what? i really liked fit 3. in fact, they fit me great! i have a boy body, but these fit in such a way that i actually look like a girl. amaaaaaazing!

i am so excited because now i can buy pants online, at least from target.