Wednesday, December 15, 2010

hollywood roundup

dear hollywood,

i know i have taken a small break from blogging and hollywood round up in particular,

but now i am back and what a great week to come back on!

3 break ups and a funeral a wedding

america's favorite tooth ache inducing couple have decided to call it quits

no real big surprise. i mean we all end up marrying

the person we dated when we were 12......

michael c hall and jennifer carpenter have filed divorce.

in the words of debra morgan:

"this is f*cked up"

scarlet johansson and ryan reynolds seperated this week.

just a small sidenote:

just jared didn't have a pic of them with the lightning bolt of doom....

someone over there is slacking,

so I was forced to make my own.

srsly, what has the world come to where lay people have to add their own lightning effects to pictures of divorcing celebrities???


despite all of the recent scandal and break up of hollywood,

on dec. 11 nicole richie and joel madden decided to tie the knot........

here is wishing them a happy 2 years.

Monday, December 6, 2010

when things go wang. i mean *wrong*.

dear damn you autocorrect,

you are my new favorite

kill time at work website.


check out these iphone autocorrects

*warning, while these are totally hilarious, they may be construed as offensive.

so if you offend easily, you are at the wrong blog and should leave.*

see what i mean? high-larious,

Friday, December 3, 2010

come back

dear self,

i find myself kinda missing blogging.

i'm pretty sure most people didn't notice or even care about our hiatus.

i am not sure if demosthenes will rejoin me this time.

she is pretty dang busy.

unlike me who has ample time to kill,

filling up the blogosphere with nonsense.

but that has been some pretty high-larious shiz going down

and i find myself thinking

" i should write a letter about that"

but i don't and the moment passes.

but i have been having more and more of these moments,

so i am thinking i might be ready to make my come back.