Wednesday, June 10, 2009


dear richard cypher,

otherwise or better known as the seeker, you know, i really do love your show, the legend of the seeker. at first, when the hubs started watching it, i was like "oh geez, another low budget, set in the middle ages, leather wearing, bountiful cleavage bearing tv show...." and it totally is all those things, but for some reason, it doesn't seem as cheesy as other shows of it's kind. i find myself really drawn to the characters and the storylines, i really do want you to defeat darken rahl and end up with kahlan.

there are so many things that are awesome about you and the show, example:

you have a very sweet boyish charm

you have a kick a** wizard friend, who throws frickin' fire balls from his hands!

you have the sword of truth, that only the true seeker can wield it's power and it glows when you grasp it, thereby alerting all those around you ( including your enemies, don't know if that was the best idea... ) that you are the seeker.

you have a crazy hot and incredibly muscled body that happens to look even better in tie up leather pants.

you have a total bosom bearing, dagger wielding, bad a** confessor as your sidekick

you can withstand torture from a lady in a red leather, dominatrix outfit.

(remember, if things go too far, the safe word is "strawberry")

you have alluded or escaped from the evil aladdin villian, darken rahl, so many times, i'm starting to think he doesn't really want to stop or kill you.

you know, demos brought up a very good point, as much as darken rahl doesn't seem to want to kill you, you don't seem terrbily interested in killing him either.....maybe you two should end the feud, agree to be friends and have a weekly poker game! just sayin'......

looking forward to season 2 this fall,


Anonymous said...

"the safe word is strawberry" LOL!!! ohhhh, too funny! :-)

Stacey said...

I'm going to have to check it out. Thanks for stopping by my little blog. And you're right, I don't blog for comments, but it really does feel like I'm talking to myself when people don't comment. I'm a feedback kind of girl. :)

Lizzie said...


oh i mean interesting. i'll have to check him ...oops i mean the show out :)