Friday, December 3, 2010

come back

dear self,

i find myself kinda missing blogging.

i'm pretty sure most people didn't notice or even care about our hiatus.

i am not sure if demosthenes will rejoin me this time.

she is pretty dang busy.

unlike me who has ample time to kill,

filling up the blogosphere with nonsense.

but that has been some pretty high-larious shiz going down

and i find myself thinking

" i should write a letter about that"

but i don't and the moment passes.

but i have been having more and more of these moments,

so i am thinking i might be ready to make my come back.


Anonymous said...

yay! I'm happy to see you're back!!! I did notice and wondered if you had left for good :-(

foxy said...


Amy said...

I NEED MY VALENTINE FIX!!! So glad to hear you are coming back. Christmas just came early to my computer!

Anonymous said...

Please come back. You two are at the top of my faves list, for real.