Wednesday, July 21, 2010

summer visit

this is a repost. but it is one of my favorites

dear parents, (not mine, because they never take me anywhere)

well, it's that time of year again, school is out and that can only mean one thing, the summer vacation. i know you are really excited to be on that beach, having fun at a theme park or just hanging with family at a reunion (hey, i won't judge if that's your thang....) but i bet you're not looking forward to the long, hot hours in the car or long layover time at the airport. no worries, aunty demosthenes and i are here to help.

according to the package: this wonderful activity is simple, but yet the diversion you need "Every 50 miles your child gets to tear open the corresponding area on the package to reveal a small plastic novelty that should keep them busy temporarily so you can continue on your journey without their incessant nagging." sweet right? i think so, and the tiny plastic pieces are the perfect size for your little one to put in their mouth. a bonus!

nothing lift's a family's spirit on a long car ride more than a good yodel. i know what you're thinking "but, valentine, we don't know how to yodel" i got your back baby, the emergency yodel button. keep this with you at all times and when the need arises, press the button to hear the sweet mellifluous warbling of an alpine yodeler.

these dante's inferno balls are the key to silence. little mouths can't be running if they're being burned by "cinnamon candy forged by demons in the third circle of hell"

don't worry parents, i didn't forget about you, but come on let's be honest, all of the other presents were really for you. but in any case, i got you something that is so very functional and practical, you'll wonder why you didn't always have one.
the beware pick pocket wallet! i remember as a child, my dad was always stressed and worried on vacations because it was costing him an a**load and also the fear of having money stolen from the locals. well, this fantastic wallet will solve one of those problems.

the whimsical stick figure sternly cautions any potential pick pocketer that you mean business and will not put up with their thieving. and if they are so caught trying to steal, you will deliver a swift blow to their windpipe, rendering them unable to breathe...... hey they were warned. k, maybe not, but it's probably still a good deterrent to pick pockets.

well, it's time for us to be off. but, we will stop by again and bring you some more fetchingly sweet presents.



deb@virginia blue said...

hilarious!! my personal favorite would definitely be the "cinnamon candy forged by demons in the third circle of hell"...


Stephanie Faris said...

We're always looking for things to entertain my stepdaughter on long trips but I've found most of those things just bore her. I've bought a couple of things I was sure she'd like...and within thirty minutes they were discarded. We just need to rent things like this!

Kimi said...

I totes remember this post. I'm actually about 98.4% sure this was the first Valentine post I read. Special, right?

Kristin said...

I think I'm up to the demon fire ball challenge!