Saturday, April 9, 2011

dear target

i must admit when i found out you were creating these new fits, i wasn't really interested, i rarely bought clothes from you and i found the system to be a little confusing.

fast forward to 6 months ago and i moved to a small town that basically just has a walmart (which i really like, but have yet to find good clothes there)

it has been fine, i am able to buy most things online and it hasn't been a big issue, but as we all know, pants are really hard to shop for, and even harder to buy online.

i was up in the "big city" and went to target, decided to try on their fits and guess what? i really liked fit 3. in fact, they fit me great! i have a boy body, but these fit in such a way that i actually look like a girl. amaaaaaazing!

i am so excited because now i can buy pants online, at least from target.

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Kathie @ Like A Box Of Chocolates said...

so happy to see a post from you!!! I love the new look :-)

(btw, this is Kathie from Just a Happy Housewife. I have a new blog now instead of JAHH).