Monday, October 19, 2009

couple dating

dear how i met your mother,

after watching last weeks episode, it has come to the attention of the hubs and i (srsly, he needs a name. it has been 7 months. i think the man deserves a pseudonym. i think jakt is very fitting).
so it has come to the attention of jakt and i, that there must be something wrong with us.

we have hung out with lots of couples, we think we have a great time, playing charades, watching the office, talking about how awesome we are. they seem to agree. we part ways with the promise of a call and another get together. but yet, the phone never rings for that follow up date.

at first, we blamed it on busy schedules. busy with kids. busy with life. that must be why our phone remained silent. but after awhile, i think we must face the hard. awful truth. that the problem is us.

as we sat, after our most recent fail, drowning our confusion and tears into a gallon of ice cream, it made me wonder what the problem is. are we:





are we destined to roam the earth on a bike built for two instead of four?

are our nights doomed to be dinners for two?

we are to endure all the foursomes that surround and mock us?

oh well, maybe we shouldn't rush into a game of charades with just anyone. maybe we should hold out for mr. and mrs. right. and one day, we too, can be on that bike built for four.

still looking for "the ones"

p.s. sound off- what is your opinion about couple dates?


Scrappy Girl said...

We have the same problem...I choose to think it is because we are so cool and intimidating that people feel "beneath" our wonderfulness {insert photo of Brangelina}

Kimi said...

We are old and boring and would rather stay home with the kiddos than head back out into the dating world. It's a very dangerous world out there...for a couple.

SupahMommy said...


you make me freaking pee my pants

the bike 4.4.

o. m. word.

so ... my thoughts are this.
jakt and u should hold out for 'the ones'

we used to have couple dates... with kids too... but then stupid girl shit WENT DOWN.. ( not me) .. girls..always ruining a good thing with feelings.

( ode to your post)

here and there we have neighborly functions and there's a couple i love.. but i'm just quietly stalking.. reeling them in... letting them *thinK THEY chose us.

we'd ride a bike 4. 4. with you.

i'd pee all over the seat laughing.. but hey. you know.. sometimes you gotta accept parts of friends that aren't so.. alluring.


Anonymous said...

I was just thinking my husband and I need a couple to hang out with...our problem is that almost all couples around our age have kids and they center their lives around the kids. The only other option are couples from his family (brothers and wives, etc) and no way, jose.

MiMi said...

I'll be your couple friend!!! How funny, me and my husband are the same. Nobody wants to hang out with us. Nobody wants to play games with us. I overheard my mom telling my MIL that nobody "likes to play games with them. they don't play fair." What?! Whatever. I guess that's why we have no friends??

Kristina P. said...

Depends on the couple.

I was the only one in my group that was coupled, for a very long time. When one of my best friends got married, we hung out with them all the time, and still do.

Jay Ferris said...

I do horribly on most couples dates, especially when they're the parents of someone with kids the same age as ours. All we end up talking about is the kids, or the wives dominate the conversation while I sit quietly and ponder how difficult it would be to kill myself with a beer can.

debilyn said...

We haven't done couple dates for a LONG time, but we did quite frequently when we only had one kid {which, btw, was over 15 years ago}.

These days I actually go on more dates with my 18 year old daughter than I do with my husband. That way I can have all the fun without worrying about having to be in the mood for sex afterwords :)

Stephanie Faris said...

Couple chemistry. A couple friend once coined that phrase. And even they were only in our life a short time. I think it's just tough to get that just right mix. For both guys to get along, both women to get along, and nobody to grate on anyone's nerves is tough. And then on top of that you have busy schedules and people who just, in general, realize they don't really have time for couple's nights out... It's just tough. My boyfriend and I really wish we could find a couple to hang out with but it's even harder for us because every other weekend we have his daughter. We're childless one weekend and parents the next. Not easy to find someone compatible with that!

Mighty M said...

I think they rock, but I can only think of one couple that I'd really want to hang with. Otherwise I'm happy just being a twosome.

kys said...

I have a hard time with the couple dates. I always have a good time when we do it but it seems like to much of a hassle most of the time. (Finding a couple that we both like. Agreeing on an activity. Synching babysitters, etc.)

We just hang together most of the time. And maybe we are one of those couples pictured.

Kristin said...

Care to come to Tampa? We're in the same boat.

Haley said...

That is so odd that we all have the same problem. My Hunnybuns and I just hang out by ourselves. But we're happy with just us and is enough. BUT, I guess it would be better for our "social health" to try to get out for a couples date! It's hard enough finding "the one", but even harder finding "the ones". Couples chemistry is so hard to find!

Emily is a good frau said...

There is a couple that we hang out with a lot. Our kids are about the same age, so they play together while we play board games. But I always get the feeling that the other husband thinks I'm weird.

Orange Juice said...

Girl I hear ya.... I have no practically friends with kids so no one gets that we can't do things last min. My DH has NO FRIENDS sweet...
And my friends BF's or DH's are like in a world of their own so couple dates NEVER happen. SUX! I want a couple BFF wahhhh

Emily is a good frau said...

This is even funnier now.