Thursday, October 1, 2009

and the winner is......

dear lfv readers,

time to announce the giveaway winner!

for those who said they don't know anything about the two wizards…. well, i'd like to scream at you "whats wrong with you people, are you f*cking insane?!?!". but then i realized i should probably congratulate you because, ultimately, it is those of us with an intimate knowledge of both stories who are the losers and the rest of you are normal, well-adjusted human beings..… so congratulations on winning at life! but TOTALLY bombing on the giveaway contest.

i don't know who these people are, but uploading their pic seemed appropriate

first, the runners up. honorable mention goes to:

kimi - you totes managed to use the term "girl wood" in your entry, and that is just awesome!

jay ferris - i'm very impressed with the uber-nerdy ability to analyze both wizards, based purely on objective fact from the books. you make demos proud!

there were lots of amazing answers, it was hard to pick just one! thanks for playing along everyone, but unfortunately this is not 5th grade field day, and we don't hand out ribbons just for participating, or trying really hard. there can only be one winner. and that winner is........


congrats! email us the info and you will be receiving your amazing assortment of prizes!


valentine said...

congrats supah for getting your nerd on!! remember to share the band-aids with your sista!

and thanks for all of you that participated! you guys are so effing hilarious and creative.

love lives in the kitchen said...

hello! thank you for visiting love lives in the kitchen! i'm happy to meet you!
have a lovely day! justyna

Anonymous said...

congrats to the winner!

thank you valentine & demosthenes for being creative with your giveaway! It was nice to see something other than the boring "here's how to enter 1,000 different ways and it's based on luck who wins" ;-)

SupahMommy said...

awwww yah....

I shall send you pics of my kids wearing your love.
( eggs and bacon)
and nenny will have her pic of the other goodies... i have a sneaking suspicion she'll be all llllll lllllll over that boss toss.

all over.

and one button too.. ( BUT!) . im getting the fabbing fuckulous button...

STEP BACK nenny.

a thanks to my sis for always coming through and helping us WIN MY FIRST EVAH GIVEAWAY! I host em, i write em up.. but I NEVER WIN EM!

awww yah!

Kimi said...

I'm stoked about the honorable mention.

Huge congrats to Supah!!!!

Alicia said...

congrats to the winner winner chicken dinner!

Stephanie Faris said...

Congrats to the winners!