Saturday, January 9, 2010

don't abandon ship

dear LFV readers,

like the new look? i needed something bright to get me through the gray drab that is january. it is srsly the worst month. okay, february is srsly the worst month, (cuz it srsly is) but my b-day is in february, so it has something going for it.

demos and i have taken another break, we didn't intend to, but before you know it, it has been a couple of weeks.

but we do have somewhat of an excuse, i've been in the process of getting a new job, so that has been kinda stressful. and on top of that i have begun studying for a certification in my prospective field, so that has been a tad time consuming.

wedding season is starting back up again, so demosthenes has been doing that. as well as redoing her house, which is looking awesome by the way.

oh yeah, and she had some nasty food poisoning last week.

anyways, that is what we have been up to.

but we will be back.

we have to.

cuz we still haven't shared with you all why New Moon sucked.

and we have had that planned since we saw the dang thing almost 2 months ago.

eyes (other than ours) have to read it.

so hang in there. don't stop visiting.

we will have new stuff soon.


Cottage Cheese Thighs said...

It's about time! Can't wait to read you again!

Kristin said...

UGH. Food poisoning? Welcome back!

Lisa - The Heller Family said...

Hi! I actually saw NM again over the weekend and I liked it a bit more. I think if I screamed in my sleep like that every night, and Charlie was my Dad....he would just come in and slap me. I really, really miss the music from the 1st one. I love the music in the first one, and the music in NM just doesn't pull you in. When they reunite in the end, it is not "moving" enough. It was like a bad, rough cut. Okay, enough your thoughts soon!

trishie koh said...

Look forward to more of your posts soon!