Thursday, March 11, 2010

new reason to hate you kstew

dear kstew,

i've never liked you, which i know you're well aware of as you are surely an avid fan of the demos bloggerweb posts. your oatmeal expressions and lack of voice inflection, not to mention your soulless ring-wraith eyes and awkward poses are the perfect blend of blech.

but this latest promo appearance inspires a whole new level of disgust! congrats! i didn't think it was possible! but by being a guest on that a**hat's "show", you really out did your blech-ness.

team coco will now forever shun you! you are shunned!! SHUNNED I SAY!!

(oh, and hello again to all the readers!! i know right? i've been gone for like 4 months and then just show up without warning, like i've been here the whole time. what can i say? sometimes you gotta race)


Kristina P. said...

Booooo. Long live Coco!

KimJohnson said...

Double Ugh to KStew... that chick irritates me as much as Lohan and Hilton put together.

Anonymous said...

Men shouldn't be allowed to wear such short dresses, right? Let alone shave their legs, put on make-up & (pimp)walk around in high heels...

Oh wait, that's Kerstin. Could have fooled me there for a second :P

The "man" is clearly right behind her, being true to his stylish, charming self and staring at her a** :roll:

Ps2. I'm back, too...]

MiMi said...

HATE K.Stew.
Seriously. HATE. K.Stew.
You know that 10 second preview for Eclipse?? The one where Jacob (totally my man) says "I'll fight for you until your heart stops beating."
Well, I say, No problem Jakey, I'll just rip it out right now!
I am psycho.

foxy said...

Man, I hate Leno. And I hate Kstew. Perfect combination of hate right there.

And I happen to like how you just busted back out onto the scene, ranting and raving. Pure awesome.

annie said...

I just wish she would go away - just saw the trailer for eclispe - sure to be another comedy!

Anonymous said...

that is another strike against her...what is wrong with that girl?

Kristin said...

Wait, is she smiling there??

Anonymous said...

I can't comment on your 1 year post so I'm commenting here. Happy Anniblogiversary. Yes, it's a word.

Sarah said...

I can't post on your new post so I'm writing here. HAPPY ONE YEAR! Woo-Hoo!

Casting call...seriously? I like the "anti-anorexia" approach but still.