Tuesday, March 30, 2010

this is news?

dear ricky martin,

we already knew you were gay. this isn't a big deal.


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Anonymous said...

hahahaha. I agree. :-)

Wonder Woman said...

Yeah. I didn't know it was a secret. I'm kinda embarrassed for him to be coming out now, when he was already out. Kinda like Adam Lambert coming out. Except Adam Lambert wasn't a 10 year old has-been. (Not the Ricky Martin's 10. I think you know what I mean.)

MiMi said...

Wow. I already knew he was gay. What a dork. So he's a gay dork. Or a dorky gay. Either way.

foxy said...

Hahaha... my husband says he wants to come out publicly too (that he's straight, of course) - just to make sure people know. He's trying to schedule it up with the press now.


Amy said...

And the Stating The Obvious Award goes to Mr. Martin!

Imogen said...


Kristin said...

Guess he thought 1 or 2 peeps hadn't figured it out yet. Ah ha

S and O said...

lol! those were my thoughts exactly when I saw the news about Martin on yahoo...hey at least it gave me a good laugh :)