Monday, July 19, 2010

embarrassing food

there are some foods out there

that i get embarrassed when i order

or buy them.

like funyuns.

hot dang! do i love me some funyuns.

they are delicious

and is my preferred snack of choice.


they are also the preferred snack

of the pot adled minds of the losers who live in their moms basement.

everytime i buy funyuns,

i feel like people look at me

like i am high, or am about to get high.

another one.

fish tacos.

i feel like a dirty frat bro

whenever i order them.


what foods embarrass you?


deb@virginia blue said...

funyuns are definitely on my list, too! whenever i bring a bag into the house, it barely lasts more than an hour...the entire family fights over them.

other than that, probably just my 'bowl of raisin bran crunch at 10pm almost every night' habit. kind of makes me feel like an old lady...

Anonymous said...

I've never had a fish just sounds so gross to me, but I've heard they're really good :-)

I have to say tuna. I get embarassed saying tuna because people usually make an "ewww" face when they hear someone's eating tuna (or they're thinking something nasty).

Kimi said...

Jerky. If ever I buy jerky from a store I feel like I may as well be wearing plaid and a trucker hat.

Good Girls Studio said...

Love fish tacos...hadn't thought of the frat boy reference in years! I buy corn dogs every once in awhile for The Boy but really they're just for me...yummmy :)

Wonder Woman said...

Dannon activia. I've never bought it, but if I did, I'd be embarrassed. Same for cranberry juice.

MiMi said...

Funyons embarrass me too! What's even better though is when I'm eating Funyons and watching Big Brother because I'm addicted to that show and it's embarrassing too! :)