Friday, July 16, 2010

hollywood roundup

dear hollywood,

so, i don't know if you remember awhile back

i mentioned that i love celebrity gossip.

like probably too much.

so i have decided to do a new feature here


letters from valentine



penelope cruz and javier

wed in a secret ceremony.

emily blunt and john krasinski

married in lake cuomo.

how adorable are these two??

carrie underwood and mike fisher

second helpings

bristol palin and levi johnston

are back together.

(anyone else think her nose looks different???)

and sienna miller and jude law are back together, again.
man, these two need some sort of punch card

celeb spawn

vince vaughn and wife, kyla weber
are having a baby.

anyone else taking bets on how long vince will stay tied down to a wife and baby?

as is funny man craig ferguson and his wife, megan.
do you watch craig? he is hilarious. weird and strange. but funny.


deb@virginia blue said...

i'm more than a tiny bit jealous of emily blunt right now...

Wonder Woman said...

Love this feature. I'm also a fan of the gossip. I guess this weekend was big for weddings because of 7/11? Who doesn't want a free slurpie on their anniversary?!

annie said...

I love the new feature! Ths should save me so much time at the check out now - thanks!

foxy said...

I LOVE Craig F. He's adorable and super funny. Although I'm pretty sure you could look like a troll, but have a great accent, and I'd fall for you. ;)

Kristin said...

DYING over the punch card!