Thursday, June 10, 2010

miles of stiles

dear julia stiles,

so i just read that you are going to be on this next season

of dexter

which suddenly takes your cool factor up by 10 points.

demos and i were discussing this news and it dawned us

where the eff have you been?

i feel like we should be playing

listen up gumshoes

okay, srsly, how awesome was that show?

answer: fetching

i always loved it when the kid struggled to identify the different states on the giant map at the

end of the show

"dude, you live in america!"

k, where was i?

ah, yes where you have been.

i mean i could easily google or imdb you

and find out what you have been up to

but that sounds like work.

wherever you were, i hope you did some serious penance

for that "movie"

save the last dance

don't get me wrong,

i loved it when it came out

but i was also 17

and like every other teenager,

i only had a half functioning brain.

either way, you doing a dark, gritty and completely compelling

show like dexter

will erase my vision of you in

in that ugly sweater and overalls.

yep, thats the one

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Anonymous said...

oh cool, I am curious what her role will be!

Wonder Woman said...

I think she has been doing penance for The Prince and Me movies. The Bourne trilogy kind of made up for it, no? Matt Damon is oh-so-yummy.

LiLu said...

Hmmm. I passionately love Dexter, but despise Julia Stiles...

This should be interesting.

Kris said...

Julia Stiles on Dexter? Dude, Dexter better kill her and not sleep with her. I'm with LiLu.

Julia has her own blog too, but I wasn't a fan, so I can't remember what the url is.

Mae Rae said...

absolutely love julia! Not sure on the dexter but love julia.

Anonymous said...

I'm anxious to see what her character's like on Dexter. I think the Bourne movies helped her credibility a little. And I personally will forever remember her in 10 Things I Hate About You. God, I love that movie.

Kristin said...

I may or may not have watched that flick a million times!

virginia blue said...

oh my gosh...i've missed my regular doses of valentine!!!! that extended blogging break just totally messed me up. i'm here now. to stay.


Amy said...

She really did some "great" movies at the beginning of her career, didn't she? Ah, the Prince and Me movies. My 13 year old neighbor obsesses over them. Glad her career is looking up now. And her wardrobe!