Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Matthews new Muse

Dear Matthew Bellamy,
(lead singer/guitarist for the band Muse)

over the weekend

you were spotted in paris

with kate hudson.

this is a travesty

i am of course referring to your pants.

i am not big in celebrity crushes or anything

but if you remember

when i picked a hollywood someone to go on a

pretend date with

i didn't pick rob

even though that new hair cut is really doing it for me

or eric

or ryan

he's hot. but can't act.


i picked you.

and while i realize you were engaged like 6 months ago,

that didn't bother me.

shes was some no one,who we never saw and so it made keeping the dream alive, a little easier.

also, you were always a lay low kinda celeb, i only saw the most random pic of you

in the daily mail

now, if you are with kate hudson, not only will be seeing her everywhere
(making the illusion of your singledom harder)

but we will also be seeing you everywhere.

ruining the allure of your mysterious ways.

badly done matthew, badly done.***

***p.s. 10 awesome points to anyone who can name the movie
that line is from.


The Empress said...

Oh, I have no guesses but I can tell you I adored this post.

virginia blue said...

Mr. Knightly to Emma Woodhouse after the huge debacle at the picnic when Emma and Frank Churchill were making fun of Mrs. Bates and the fact
that she talks entirely too much and never has anything clever to say.


{As a side note, I freaking love Mr. Knightly}

Kimi@SoManyKids said...

I am only slightly embarrassed to say I don't know Matthew. I'm sure I would if given a full face view... or a last name... fine excuses excuses.

annie said...

Matthew who? I need a freaking last name! That pic is telling me nothing!

Mae Rae said...

the funny part about this post is the comments not knowing who matthew is. I only knew from when you posted a few weeks back and knowing the obscession for Twilight but seriously? His pants are horrific. I guess being british allows you to wear those types of things. ick.

Kris said...

Beetlejuice pants.

Amy said...

Not to flaunt my love for Miss Austen or anything, but that quote is from Emma! Mr. Knightly is not too happy with Emma for saying some rather insensitive (rude) things to Miss Bates and scolds Emma for it.
Wow, I cannot believe anyone would be seen with pants like that. Not loving them.

Anonymous said...

Ryan can act. It's not his fault he plays a dumb redneck.

Rob's short hair is super sexy. He was so adorable on Leno.

Kate Hudson is such a whore.