Friday, November 13, 2009

happy b-day demosthenes!

dear demosthenes,

Happy, Happy, Happy, Birthday Kiki!!!
on this, your 25th birthday(holy crap, are you srsly 25 now??)

i just wanted to write a letter to you. to let you know why i love you being my sister and my blogner in crime.

why i love you:

you wish EE was real.

you go along with our "role play" even if it makes no sense

you find me funny, even if i'm not.

you have insane knowledge of twilight, harry potter and star wars trivia.

you keep me company at work.

you make me laugh. alot.

you are super creative.

you are hilarious.

you have a fun fashion sense.

you always find the craziest stuff that the interwebs have to offer.

you like the same lame shows as me, i.e. the legend of the seeker.

you are fearless.


thanks for being my friend for 25 years,

p.s. that totally fetch cake, is actually a creation of demosthenes. that's right, she totally made it. isn't she super talented???


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Demosthenes!!!!

It's All Good said...

Hey, it's my brother's 21st today! yay for fri the 13th b-days! Happy birthday demo!

wonder woman said...

That cake is "MOST impressive."

MaeRae said...

Happy Birthday. Beautiful cake!

Anonymous said...

shiznats!! it is friday the 13th!!! i srsly did not even put that together......... maybe i should change my plans for tonight....

thanks for all the b-day love!

Kristina P. said...

Happy birthday to Demosthenes!!

foxy said...

Dude - that cake is awesome. Impressive work, Demos! And happy birthday to you too, dahling.

MiMi said...

Happy birthday Demo!! I love that cake!

Amy said...

Wow, amazing cake! Happy birthday Demo! I hope you get Edward (or Mr. Darcy) for a day.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, D! I hope it's a great one. Enjoy being NOT THIRTY.

kys said...

Happy Birthday! (a day late) That is a very impressive cake!

SupahMommy said...

happy belated.
i bought you a demon duck.

It's in the mail. IT might have some baby drool on it.

Just sayin.
I"ll wipe it off.

happy day sissy!!!
and the cake.. WHAT THE SHNIZ?? where've YOU been hidin? r u on those cake shows and ur foolin us with your bloggy incognitoness?


Kristin said...

Awwwwww, so cute! Happy bday to your sisser! My lil' sis is turning 28 on Wed. Crazy!