Tuesday, November 17, 2009

we interrupt......

dear LFV readers,

demosthenes is in town! yep, flew in, special delivery for new moon.

so, i won't be here. again.

but can you blame me? if your sister, who is super awesome and cool, came to visit, wouldn't you skeez out while she was here?

i knew you'd understand.

i'll be back on friday......maybe saturday. depends on how wild we get on opening night.

and will def. have pics to post (but no spoilers. promise. double pinky swear) of our fun night.

will also be on the hunt for the most supes lame twi fan that night. hint, i think it might be us!!

rockin it sister style,

p.s. i just noticed that i had the comments turned off. why does that keep happening???


Kristin said...

Joint post perhaps???

Mighty M said...

Have a GREAT time!

Melissa said...

I love my sis, but she didn't even know what New Moon was when I asked to go... we are no longer sisters. Are you looking for a third? hhahaha