Friday, December 4, 2009

lady tremaine

dear LFV readers

so you all know my awesome sister demosthenes, so now i wanted to introduce you to my very sweet and hilarious, older sister, she insists we call her lady tremaine (yeah, the mean step mama from cinderella.) don't ask

yes, she is hilarious, though often times unintentionally. she sees the world a different way than me, and i enjoy her insight

i think she is the only adult in the world that takes pinky swears srsly. she treats them as though they are the unbreakable vow. she called me concerned that she had pinky swore with someone and she fully intended to break the promise. she was concerned about what to do

i will never forget a hilarious convo we had about twilight:

lt: so don't people notice that carlisle doesn't age

v: yes, that is why they move around alot

lt: how can he do that? what about social security? don't they ever notice

v: i don't know, maybe he changes his name sometimes. they also have a guy that forges documents for them.

lt: doesn't he notice that they don't age

v: i don't think he cares, they pay him good money

lt: doesn't he care that he is forging papers for vampires

v: he's a FORGER......i don't think he asks questions. ever

lt: how did carlisle make his money

v: i don't know. *sighing* maybe he put some money in the bank 300 years ago and now he lives off the interest.

i love that her main concerns are that carlisle pay his taxes and that an illegal document forger doesn't aid vampires

despite her sometime confusion, she is incredibly creative and talented. she is sweet and caring. she has tender heart and has been supportive of this blog since the beginning. she is super fetch

totally love her,


kys said...

I think about those kinds of things, too. I can only suspend my disbelief for a limited period of time.

Anonymous said...

another funny one in the family?! awesome!!! will she do any posts?

I just laughed so hard at your convo about Carlisle :-)

Mighty M said...

That is so funny! Your siblings rock!

Amy said...

What an awesome family you have! And really, I was wondering the same things. But that is why it is a fantasy romance, right? Because you just have to believe it works even though there are major plot holes.

Ronnica said...

These are totally questions I have, too! I didn't remember about the document forger though, so that answers one question: How does he get an up-to-date medical license if he graduated from med school years ago? I'm always getting bogged down into the details of the "how" of any book like this.

Kristina P. said...

My main questions have to do with sparkling and periods.

MiMi said...

Aww, how sweet! I love that she's concerned with all the stuff that your NOT SUPPOSED TO THINK ABOUT!! :)

Kimi@SoManyKidsSoLittleTime said...

I love her reality based concerns. Honestly when hubs and I watch movies many conversations start with me saying, "In real life..." and with him saying, "Shhh I'm trying to watch a movie."

wonder woman said...

Also, Alice has a keen insight into the stock market.

But I'm with Kristina: how do they go to school all day with all those PMS-ing girls?!

foxy said...

Okay, you just can't analyze Twilight that much... because it TOTALLY doesn't make sense. My husband always tries to ask me questions like that - trying to prove Twilight's ridiculousness - and it always ends with me saying, "just shut up." I personally don't NEED it to make sense, which is a good thing, i guess. ;)

Alicia said...

haa! lady tremaine! i love it! and i'm convinved there is a vampire underground that controls the dmv and government...they can pretty much do what they want.

Orange Juice said...

Lady Tremaine sounds a lot like me...i heart her

kel said...

I love her!!!