Friday, December 11, 2009

mutant x

i know this post is a little late. its friday, what can i say?

so you all know i'm a bit of a nerd when it comes to sci fi/fantasy stuff. and so it shouldn't surprise you that i have a fair number of conversations about weird sci fi stuff in my everyday life.

my hubby (we'll call him vincent vega) and i were talking a few days ago, and we began wondering what type of mutant powers we would have if we were X Men and what would our mutant names be?

of course i dragged valentine into this, and heres how it went down:

D: last night me and vincent vaga were talking about, if we were a Mutant on Xmen what would our mutant power be and what would our mutant names be. what would yours be?

V: k, i am awful at this stuff, so i think i would be gladryn and my power would be super strength, i guess

D: LOL, gladryn? thats a terrible mutant name! LOL, thats like an elven name or an aes sedai name! LOL mutant names are typically real words or similar to real words, (storm, cyclops, beast, phoenix, polaris, nightcrawler, wolverine, magneto, rogue, etc). so, if your power is super strength your name should be something like Power, or Charger, or Dynamo, or something. keep working on it! LOL

V: how about storm?

D: LOL, your getting warmer, but thats already a mutant! i will just pick a name for you. you shall now be known as Rampage.

so here's how it stands:

demosthenes: named Paladin, and has the power of invisibility
vincent vega: Audubon, and can run/move super fast
valentine: would have super strength, and (thanks to me :) would be called Rampage (not gladryn, that would be lame :)

sound off! what would your mutant powers and name be? would you fight for the xmen or with Magneto?


Anonymous said...

awww, look at that kitty!

hmmm, my mutant power & name....

My power would be invisibility and my name would be Ghost. ha.

wonder woman said...

As the wife of a nerd and therefore partial nerd myself, I'm proud to say I followed every bit of this convo. When V said her name was Gladryn, I thought, "So she's a happy elf? Weird mutation."

I would love to be psychic, so my name might be......Lady Cleo.

wonder woman said...

Had to ask the hubs and report his name/powers. He would be a micro/macro-atomic manipulator. Apparently it gives you all sorts of options and is what the phoenix does. He would be called The Commander.

Anonymous said...

I'd be Tornado. My super power would be destroying everything in sight with my whirlwind speed.

Stephanie Faris said...

I've never even watched X-Men, so I have no idea. But your names are great!

ONe PiNK FiSH said...

Valentine you have been tagged. Check out my blog to see what to do next.

kys said...

I'm lost. I thought I was a nerd. Perhaps I'm a different breed of nerd - just the plain old bookish type. The sci-fi stuff eludes me.

S and O said...

hey what did you do to that poor kitty kat??? lol!

You three are totally insane coming up with mutant names -- heehee. Reminds me of the other night my sis and I got in an argument about if she was a zombie and I was just a regular human who would kill who first.

I'm no good at coming up with mutant names either:( but maybe you can help me, I want to have some kind of freezing power. Got any ideas for a good name???


MiMi said...

the cat is freakin' cute! i have no clue what my name would be because I'm horrible at that stuff too. :0

Kristin said...

I'd be any mutant that would make me the Wolverine's lady!