Tuesday, December 1, 2009

wonderful christmas time

dear christmas,

i am tired of your songs. i know, you're probably thinking, 'how is that possible? it's only dec 1!' well, here in the wonderful land of utah, we have a radio station that believes it is its job to kill christmas before it even starts. they have been playing your songs for almost a month now.

to be fair, when i say i am tired of the songs, not all of them. of course i have my favorites, but there are those handful that if i hear it again, i srsly might have some sort of screaming fit. (something reminiscent of bella's bad dreams in new moon)

santa baby

i really can't stand this song. never mind that whoever sings it, sings it like a demented betty boop. but i associate it with christmas parties as a child where no doubt, a couple of single, slightly off cat ladies would get up and sing it. i guess in hopes that father christmas puts a man under her tree.

the christmas shoes

i don't care if you think i am a heartless bastard. i hate this song. what the eff is it even about? children who don't have shoes? children who want to buy shoes? i don't get it. plus, i srsly dislike anything, ANYTHING that tries to play off my emotions and pulls at my heart strings. (side note: what does that expression even mean? how is that not the creepiest visual ever, that your heart has strings. total grossness.)

washed up "pop star" remakes

why does every pop star (and yes, i use that term very. very loosely) feel the need to take an already wonderful song and put "their own spin" on it, i.e. make it crappier. why do they always seem to be warbling it in? you are not whitney houston. stop trying. i am sorry that your sad career is drying up and your sales are slumping, but that is no reason to ruin christmas.

but to balance this out and so you don't think i am some sort of scrooge, i do have my favorites as well.

i want a hippopotamus for christmas

srsly, what an incredibly strange and totally awesome christmas song. and is it sung by a midget woman? those are some srs pipes on that girl. see, another reason why i love this song. no one sings like this anymore. and what the h*ll is a hippo hero?

a wonderful christmas time

i am not a big paul mccartney fan, but i love this song. okay, i love the video to this song. him and his friends running around in very, very fake snow. it's simple. its easy to sing along with. totally love it.

last christmas

okay, i also love this one cuz of the vid. a totally cheesy love/christmas song while on a skiing holiday. does it get better than that?

feliz navidad

i have fond memories of this song. each year, my parents would load all of us kids in the van and we'd drive around looking at christmas lights. no doubt, each year, this song would be playing on the radio. we would sing it so loud, we were practically shouting. ah, good times.

p.s. speak out- which christmas songs do you love? which ones do you hate?


Kristina P. said...

Yes! I work in an office where we have the radio on, and my supervisor loves that station. I had to turn it off yesterday. I will start to hate Baby Jesus if I have to listen to that all day long.

wonder woman said...

I'll listen to the stations with Christmas depending on my mood. And the song. The ones I hate the most are: Do you hear what I hear? (except when Martina McBride sings it) and honestly, I hate "Last Christmas." But to be fair, I've never seen the video.

I love jazzy songs, including a lot of the Nat King Cole/Dean Martin-esque ones. I love Silver Bells, Feliz Navidad (my 5 y/o already has the chorus memorized!) and anything Celtic Women sing.

Anonymous said...

I made a Christmas mix a couple of years ago. I haven't broken it out yet so don't make fun. Last Christmas is on it. It will forever be one of my faves. And, well, I might have a cover of Kylie Minogue singing Santa Baby.

MiMi said...

For some reason I thought you lived in CA. Weird. Anyway, thank you, the hippo song is stuck in my head again. I hate "Baby it's cold outside." Blech. I think cuz I saw Regis sing it with his wife once and it grosses me out cuz he's all wrinkly and stuff.

foxy said...

You know, I haven't listened to my Christmas cds yet (yeah, I have a couple), but I know I do have a couple of faves. They're remakes by more recent artists though. Santa Baby bugs me too and it seems like they play it over and over and over. UGH.

Waxy said...

I can't stand any of it - I guess I ham a grinch - whatever - but what REALLY gets me is Mariah Carey's Christmas CD - my father-in-law plays it EVERY SINGLE YEAR. It has made me dislike Christmas.

Amy said...

Seriously, "Last Christmas?" I think every washed up pop star has had their fingers in that pie. I have heard so many different versions of it, I want to claw my ears off if I hear it one more time. We just need Miley or the Jonas Brothers to pound the final nail in its coffin. But, I have never seen the video, so perhaps I am being too harsh.
I refuse to listen to any Christmas music, or do anything with Christmas until after the great turkey has been eaten so to speak. Avoiding FM100 and other such stations.
Good luck dealing with it until January!

Oh, the christmas shoes song? Worst song ever! Really, what IS it about? Some kid whose mother is dying and so he has to buy shoes for her. How is that relevant to Christmas? Anything that has a sappy sentimental story to it is classified as Holiday music? No thank you!

kys said...

I like The Christmas Song and I don't like Santa Baby and Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer. They all kind of get on my nerves by the time Christmas rolls around.

Julie said...

I don't like that Christmas shoes song either...I refuse to listen to it.
I like that Bing Crosby/David Bowie song,whatever it's called.

Melissa said...

My favorite xmas song of all time is mariah careys all i want for christmas is yooooooooou. I dance everytime i hear it.

My least favorite- i saw mommy kissin santa clause... and honestly, it's because I just figured out a couple years ago santa clause was daddy. I'm pretty swift, let me tell ya

Alicia said...

ughhhhhh santa baby is the devil!!!! drives me NUTS! and my favorite has to be o holy night by josh groban.... heaven. that boy is heaven.

LivingInspired said...

Could you have possibly hit the nail on the head any harder?!? That damn Christmas shoes song, did you know they made it into a book and then a movie? Based off of a lame song about some kid's mom dying of cancer? My god. My fav. is anything by Bing Crosby or Frank Sinatra. Oh wait, the Christmas Waltz is my all time favorite. They are what put the xmas in xmas music. Great post!