Tuesday, December 15, 2009

major christmas card FAIL

dear valentine,

i posted once a long time ago about how irritating it is when people refer to me as "mrs john doe". i'm a person and i have a name, and guess what? ITS NOT MY HUSBANDS NAME!

so my church (read: extremely patriarchal sexism machine) sends out christmas cards every year to each family. last year i got the standard "mrs john doe" treatment. imagine my shock and horror when i saw this years card. it was addressed to "john doe" (or as we know my hubby on this blog, "vincent vega"). thats it. i didnt even get a "mrs" (much less a "demosthenes"), i was left off the card completely! WTH??

have i actually become the invisibility wielding Mutant Paladin from my last post? have they forgotten i exist? no, i suppose the obvious answer is that i, as a woman, am expected to be content to define my life by husbands life, without a job, interests, contributions, or even a name of my own.

i would say something to the person who mailed out the card, but i know i would be met with the condescending attitude that sexist men and women reserve for "radical feminists". all i want is to be recognized as human being. recognized for my existence as a separate entity from my husband. is that so much to ask? is that so "radical"?


foxy said...

I agree. That's just a bunch of super BS.

MiMi said...

After my husband and I got married the church refused to recognize my birthday or our anniversary in the bulletin sent out every month. It was irritating. I think it was because my eMIL who HATES me wanted me to be erased from everything, including the church membership. Which is fine with me. Any church willing to do that to me because of one parishioner? I don't wanna be a part of anyway. Hypocritical asswipes.

MaeRae said...

Oh my freakin word! Unreal in this day in age. Does it have both of your names on the check that pays the money?

Anonymous said...

U mean our tithing checks? U bet it has my name! In fact, since I was the one who set up our cheking account, my name is first. I also handle he family finances, so I'm the one who writes and signs our checks too. But somehow teh menz gets all the credit.

Whitney said...

Oh my goodness! I totally know what you mean!! In fact when I first got married and they (gross old men, what is it with our church and gross old men?!)called me, "Sister King" I said, "You can either call me Whitney or by my maiden, but I will not answer to Sister King."

Part of me wonders if I said that just to see the shock on their face! Mwahahahahaha!