Wednesday, May 6, 2009


dear kids,

are you tired of your usual, everyday and boring toys? of course you are, they suck. well, aunty demosthenes and i have a surprise for you!

you can bring the real life experience of a rabid pet into your own home, without your parents freaking out. these fantastic animals are great for hours of fun and entertainment!!

ah, the evil verses good unicorn play set, demos and i, like to think that they are just having philosophical differences:

evil unicorn:
"for the last time, mermaids aren't real!"
good unicorn : "eff you evil unicorn, eff u!"

and lastly, we understand that it can be hard to always be thinking of excuses for why you didn't do your homework, clean your room or hang out with the creepy kid across the street. so we got you this awesome excuse ball. the package says it has 20 excuses ranging from "my dog ate it" to "mexican food". so you should be covered for almost any request made of you.

and since your parents are always so kind to let us drop in, we decided to gift them with this corn dog air freshener. if they close their eyes they will be able to almost smell the sweet honey batter, the steamy meat product and the sweat of carnival workers. yum!

well, it's time for us to be off. but if you are real good, we will stop by again and bring you some more fetchingly sweet presents.



The Blonde Duck said...

Popped in from SITS to say hi! What a fun blog!

Anonymous said...

LOL, where did you find these???

Valentine said...

kathie, its amazing what wonderful treasures the internet holds!

Anonymous said...

popped over from SITS to say hi

Courtney said...

Thanks for the comment! Love your blog, just promise you'll keep that evil magic 8 ball away from my son... He doesn't need any new excuses!!! LOL have a great Thursday! :)

Chef E said...

This is too funny! I also popped in from SITS to say hello, or I should say 'Howdy', since I am a Texan...

Taryn said...

This is hilarious, Auntie Valentine! ;)

Thanks for stopping by and wishing ERIK a Happy Birthday! You were very sweet to take the time to do that!!!


Chef E said...

Thanks for coming over, you have to come visit my TMI blog tomorrow, as we have Friday Shoot Outs, and a theme each week! Then I have a food site as well, Food ~ Wine ~ Fun!