Monday, July 20, 2009

bread line

dear walmart,

k, i know i recently ranted about you and your incompete employees and their lack of bagging knowledge. so i know i should go complain about someone else for awhile, but you are being annoying again!

i shop my neighborhood walmart almost exclusively. i actually like your store brand, great value. the hubs and i don't notice a taste difference between the GV and name brands, plus the GV is just so fetching cheap. how can you go wrong with that incredible 5 letter word?

but on my most recent trip to my neighborhood market, i noticed something strange on the shelves. they changed the packing on their GV foods. now, normally i wouldn't care. i mean, packaging is packaging. as long as the price doesn't go up. fine by me. but your choice of packaging just is not cool.

what. the. fetch. is. this? the plain white with blue writing? it makes me feel like i am in some sort of bread line in communist russia. not to mention that when i plop down one of these items to check out, i feel like the box is screaming "look at me! the person buying me is so effing poor! they can't even afford proper labels"

now, i am not generally an insecure or self conscious person, but srsly! are you trying to shame me into buying the "real" food? or are you just trying to demoralize me to the point that i just stop eating and don't have to buy any food?

now, i know it's not just you. target has also recently changed their packaging, however theirs isn't quite as paltry looking.

what was wrong with the other packaging? were people getting confused and buying the real shiz instead? were there large groups of angry and confused customers pissed that they bought downy dryer sheets instead of the store brand?

i guess i'd be happier if you were cutting back on packaging costs to pass the savings onto me, the customer, but you aren't. that shiz is the same fetching price!!! sorry, i get quite passionate when it comes to my groceries. i hope that this is just some phase you are going through and will eventually change it back to the way it was.

not resigned to bread lines yet,


Emma at Toddler Awesome said...

what a funny post :) Only just found your blog via sits!

consider yourself followed!

Night Owl Mama said...

stopping by from the sits to say hello.

luved your post they look a bit generic too me too. I dont like it either

NEed a laugh come on by

Alicia said...

While wal-mart may fail you....i never will!! because, guess what? you're my winner winner chicken dinner! valentine my dear, you won the giveaway! email your info =)

Kimi said...

Too freaking funny. I haven't seen the new packaging in person yet as I'm light years away from a Walmart but my word could it be any uglier than that. Yikes.

Melissa said...

I totally agree and actually had the same thought waiting my 48 minutes to check out at the 6 of 143 check out lanes open. I refuse to shop there anymore.

Visiting from SITS

Waxy said...

I noticed the change at Target the other week - now I really have to study shit to see what it is since I don't have my arrow color decoder ring yet...

thatgirlblogs said...

um -- didn't think it looked that different than target?

thanks for coming by this morning ;)

beth said...

i so agree. they might as well use the econobuy-white-with-black stripes logo i vaguely remeber from my childhood. target's new labels just confuse me. that's why i keep wasting money on name brands. can you say sucker?

Jenni Jiggety said...

I noticed that just today at Target!!!! It is very industrial looking, isn't it?

Do not like.

supah ~d said...


I have to go sees for myself now.

of some sort

Amy said...

Crazy that people I know still shop at walmart! I don't like anything about that place (aside from their prices on baby formula) so we basically avoid it like the plague. Thank goodness I have you to keep me filled in on what they are up to. I would never have known.

Kristina P. said...

Haha! It totally looks like the MRE's the soldiers in Iraq have to eat.

I'm shocked to find this kind of thing Walmart!! It's normally so classy!!

Lizzie said...

i am so going to walmart and complaining!!

Mighty M said...

Change the packaging, interest people and sell more stuff.....they all do it. The GV is very ugly!!