Tuesday, April 7, 2009

confusing twilight scenes

dear catherine hardwicke,

hi! demosthenes and i are huge fans of the twilight series, and like most of the world, we got our copies of the twilight movie and devoured every possible morsel of it over and over. while we were doing that, we noticed some strange little quirks, like the garage scene, here is a little convo we had discussing it:

valentine: what the fetch are they all getting in the garage? i mean jasper and emmett open that cupboard, but dont' really get anything out, alice is fiddling in a trunk and a set of drawers, but doesn't get anything and it looks like carlisle is getting music cds and cash LOL

CD's and cash? like he's a teenager running away from home? LOL. you know what bugs me about the garage scene? they all drive away and leave edward standing there..... why? are they making him run along side the car? LOL. isn't he supposed to go with rosalie and emmett? or is he like "i think i'll just stay here. good luck not getting bella killed".

:maybe emmett was looking in the cupboards for a different track suit. "this is my baseball track suit, i need to find my fighting track suit".

we are also confused by the ballet studio scene when carlisle tells edward "remember who you are" why does he do that? why is it fine for jasper, alice and emmett to kill james but not him? we have a theory on that as well

maybe thats why carlisle tells him to remember who you are as in "remember that you are not allowed to dance around burned ashes of a sadistic vampire" then edward probably stomps upstairs to his room and yells "no fair! i am never allowed near the fires!"

maybe edward got in trouble by playing with matches when he was a newborn, LOL, so he's not allowed near open flame any more

he probably did have a match/fire situation when he was a newborn, "never mind that was 80 years ago! Gosh! you guys are so unfair! i only burned down the house once. you'd think you guys were elephants instead of vampires!"

"bella, you are better off without me, you deserve someone who can bbq for you without risking your life"

anyways, thats how we think it went down LOL we could be wrong, but at least we think our version made more sense and was certainly more funny!

happy to help,


Anonymous said...

that was very, very funny! i guess i never really noticed before that edward was left standing in the garage, but you're right, it doesn't make sense!

Whitney said...

bwahahahaha! Very interesting interprations of that movie!!! I'll be curious to see what you have to say for the second one!

Emily said...

I haven't seen the movie enough to remember that, but now I'm anxious to see it again.

I was just about to leave a comment on your botox post and it's gone! But I totally agree. It is way gross and way gross looking! How can they ever believe that they look better like that?!

Valentine said...

sorry! i accidently posted it. i decided to wait a couple of days before posting it.

debilyn said...

I LOVE this! You guys are great...seriously. You picked up on things that I didn't even really notice about the movie.

Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday...and for the lovely comment.

Love your blog, so I think I'll just have to follow!

Lizzie said...

i had to sneak over and read this post! To funny, i never noticed they didn't really do anything in the garage, the scene has always seemed strange but i never paid attention. i know what i'll be watching when my kids take a nap! ha ha