Monday, April 20, 2009


dear computer,

i know, we had plans. we had such grand plans, to spend the whole weekend together. the kind where anything could happen. the kind where we would be up all night having adventures. and i know, i totally abandoned you. no, you didn't do anything wrong, its not you, its me. i wasn't ready for an all weekend committment, not ready to settle down. i am young, and there is a whole world out there.

yes, i was with someone else, the hubs wanted to embrace the absolutely fantastic weekend and be outside. he enjoyed my full attention, that my mind was not on other things. and i must admit, it was fun. not the same kind of fun that we have, it was a different kind of fun, but fun none the less.

demosthenes is completely shocked that i went an entire weekend, thats friday, saturday and sunday without spending time with you. surprised that i could treat you in such a rude fashion. bewildered, that i didn't read any articles, check my email or blog. while it felt liberating to be away, i now feel completely out of it. i don't know all the happenings of family, friends, blog friends or the gossip of the new moon movie!

this has been a good experience for me, helped me realize that there should be balance in my life. all of one or another isn't healthy, but a little of both can help me be well rounded.
i may disappear again from time to time, but i promise to not have it be for so long, or to not at least tell you that i am gonna totally ditch you!

i'm a bad friend,


debilyn said...

Good for you! I pretty much did the same thing this weekend, and it was a nice break. As a matter of fact, I usually try to limit my computer time to daytime hours M-F when the rest of the household is at school and work.
Most of the time, I'm pretty good at sticking to that.

So glad you had a great weekend =)

Whitney said...

I think that we had the same idea this weekend. NO time for blogging or anything like unto it. And I feel so out of it! At least I know I've got a friend who feels the same way!

Heather @ Sugar N Spice Mostly Nice said...

You signed in above me today at SITS!!

Sometimes we all just need to unplug and take a break. I don't realize how often I am on the computer until I walk away from it for a few days.

Anonymous said...

i never walk away from my computer. never.