Wednesday, April 29, 2009

it's showtime synergy!

dear jem/jerrica benton,

oh how i loved you when i was a kid. you were the epitome of cool. first off, you had pink hair-cool. you had those star shaped earrings- super sweet. you were in a band- awesomely cool. you had a secret identity with the help of synergy-fetchingly awesome! you were also a pioneer of girls cartoons, before you, there were virtually none. now there are a lot, but because you helped pave the road for future cartoons! i remember that demosthenes and i would frequently play jem and the holograms, even though somehow i always ended having to be kimber instead of you....thats another story.

a while ago, remembering how fantastically cool you were, demosthenes and i decided to watch some of the episodes on you tube. about 10 minutes into one episode, we were both kinda like,didn't this use to be cool? why did we think the misfits were so menacing? on their most bada** day they are no more than wanna be punk posers! her boyfriend's name was rio? rio! and not only that, but he had purple hair.
oh, and the theme song:

Jem... Jem is truly outrageous. Truly, truly, truly outrageous Woo ooo Jem... Jem the music's contagious (outrageous).

i realize that most theme songs are lame. but i didn't love and idolize other shows. i loved this show. so it was sad when i realized how lame its lyrics were.
i guess the lesson of this story is not to try to relive your favorite childhood memories, they are never quite like you remembered. they will always seem just a bit more cheesy than you thought!

on a slight tangent, i remember your doll. you weren't like barbie-at all. you were like 7 feet tall, had a big build and huge, flat feet. you towered over barbie. anyways, my mom refused to buy me and demosthenes a ken doll. i guess she figured our barbies didn't need to be doing whatever we needed a ken doll for LOL. whatevs! i was determined to get a ken doll, so, i shaved all of your hair off (sorry jem) and dressed you in ken clothes! so....instead of having barbie and ken make out...i now had lesbians....great. was that so much better? that'll teach my mom to not give us a ken doll! lol

you are truly outrageous,


beth said...

when i read the title to your post, the truly outrageous theme song started played in my mind. i still think she is super cool. i am sorry that she turned out to be lame, now. i am so not watching any youtube footage! said...

I loved JEM when I was a little girl! Thanks for the blast from the past. That song is going to be in my head all day now!

Anonymous said...

the misfits were such lame villains! Haha, i loved them when i was little

Courtney said...

LOL I am so laughing my a*a off right now! That post was truly truly truly outrageous! I loved Jem too. I loved her pink hair. I had no idea she was on YouTube. I'm scared to watch though 'cause I don't want her to be lame now. She was, like, the epitome of coolness waaay waaay back in the day. :)