Thursday, April 16, 2009

kreativ blogger

dear beth,

i am so excited you have gifted me with the Kreativ Blogger award! this is my first award, and demosthenes and i are totally stoked about getting it. we are fairly new to the blog scene and are glad that our hours of strange, weird and pointless convo's are being recognized! thanks again!

and i would like to pass this spicy curry award onto the good frau.
i love her blog. it is hilarious, sweet and honest. also, she takes technology revolutions very serious, which is an important quality for this prestigious award.

thanks to the academy,


beth said...

you are very welcome! i love your letters. they are highly entertaining!

Emily said...

Wow, thanks! What a great compliment! I enjoy your blog very much, too. Thanks for the encouragement.

debilyn said...


I think the award is WELL DESERVED.

Valentine said...

thank you to everyone! i really appreciate having such great blog friends. you guys are awesome!