Wednesday, April 15, 2009

guest post

dear breakfast eaters of the world,

how many mornings have you sat at the breakfast table in deep contemplation, while staring at your plate of bacon and eggs? perhaps you are pondering the meaning of life. perhaps you are dreading the upcoming day at work (unless you are me, in which case you will spend the entire work day emailing valentine). and maybe.... just maybe, you would be wondering to yourself "what would bacon do"? luckily for breakfast eaters everywhere the "WWBD" spinner wheel folder is there to answer that very question. would bacon boycott tofu? hang out with hashbrowns? tempt a vegan? spin the wheel and find out!

decisions are hard. bacon is tasty.


beth said...

so funny! have a good day!

debilyn said...

that was priceless!

love me some bacon ♥