Tuesday, April 14, 2009

he's back!

dear nathan fillion,

oh how my heart sings to see that you are back on tv! i will not forget the first time i was introduced to you,(and by that i mean, i saw you on tv....so it was more of a one sided introduction, but i assure you, that it didn't lessen the importance of it any) back then you were mal reynolds, captain of a firefly class ship, serenity. you sure had some crazy adventures stealing alliance goods, harboring fugitives and avoiding arrest from said alliance. but, alas, turns out that you were not long for this 'verse and they swiftly cut your show. i was devestated.

i had to wait a good long 6 years before i could see you again (yes, i am aware you had a brief stint on desperate housewives, but since i have already enlightened you about my feelings regarding that "show" and since we agreed to not discuss that again, i am moving on) and finally, due to the writers strike, you were able to come out of the shadows and into my heart again, this time as another captain, captain hammer, in dr horrible's sing along blog. it was the one bright point of an otherwise very bleak summer (at least entertainment wise). i had no idea you could sing or looked so good in welding gloves.
but once again, it could not be forever and 3 short webisodes later, you were gone as quicky as you came, must be your superhero training

and now you are back, on castle, prime time baby! and while this particular character is not one of your best or most lovable, ( a tad too smug without your usual charm and its a bit too obvious you want to bone beckett. but i'm not jealous) but i am willing to give you a chance. i do enjoy seeing you every week trying to solve crimes from the perspective of a murder mystery writer. i am glad you are back and that maybe america will finally take notice of you. i realize that means sharing you with others,but that's fine, as along as you realize who your first love is.

welcome back,


debilyn said...

AAHHHH...I think he's ADORABLE!!!!

First time I saw him was in the movie WAITRESS, and I thought he was pretty cute. I've watched CASTLE a couple of times and now I find myself extremely attracted to him...but I tend to really like smug/snarky.

Oh! and BTW....I cannot accept the title of Reality TV queen...I merely copied and pasted the list from realitytv.com.

I never KNEW there were so many! I do watch my fair share, but they usually lean toward the crime stuff like Forensic Files and The First 48....

or some of the stuff on The Food Network....

and, of course, I'm slightly addicted to WHAT NOT TO WEAR...

and maybe a few others ;)

kel said...

ooooooo...... me likey!!

great blog!