Friday, April 10, 2009

parks and recreation

dear office fans,

did you watch the new office "spin off" parks and recreation? did you like it? was it what you were expecting? better? did you like leslie knope? how does she compare to michael scott?

here is our review of p & r:

demosthenes: trying not to be too harsh, but really its just a poor mans version of the office. amy poehler's character is way too similar to steve carrell's michael scott. the set up is exactly the same, i get the feeling that the writers/producers were just being lazy and repackaging the same idea with new faces to try to cash in on the office's popularity. there were some lines/scenes that were worth smiles and a few chuckles, but overall it wasn't "LOL" funny, much less "ROFL" funny. i would compare it to this season of the office (vs. previous seasons which have been HI-larious), both are so close to being funny, but are falling just a bit short.

valentine: i would agree that it does seem to be the office, repackaged as parks and recreation. it is very reminiscent of the early seasons of the office, it did have its sweet, charming and awkward times. I did find myself smiling throughout almost of it, so that is a good sign, but no LOL moments.
i am a little concerned that we may end up with 2 mediocre shows instead of 1 fantastic one. but i hope that this show will grow into a pretty great show and will be a good addition to the thursday night schedule.

what did you think of the first episode of parks and recreation? leave me a comment and let me know.

i'd rather work at chuck e cheese,


Whitney said...

Hmmm... I was less than impressed. I thought that Leslie = Michael and that one creepy guy who was married who hit on Karen (I can't remember her name for this show) = Ryan.

Speaking Ryan, why did they bring him back to the Office? He's acting like a teenager!!! Grrrr....

I am also concerned that this season of the Office is showing that the writers are sort of losing their punch.

debilyn said... family and I only made it through about 10 minutes of the new show before being totally disappointed...and for all of the reasons that you stated (and Whitney, too!)

And I hate that I'm becoming less enchanted by THE OFFICE with each new episode...once upon a time they were GREAT! Now, not nearly so much. So.SAD.

Amy said...

You made my day by following me! Thanks so much for stopping by. I loved your suggestion that it isn't a curse, but more a super hero power and that I can dole out justice as needed. Too funny. I haven't seen P&R yet, but I am excited to (with a rain of salt, of course). Also, I am not a Twilight fan, but I think I would really enjoy watching it with you. So funny!