Saturday, April 25, 2009


dear coworkers,

that's right, i totally want one of these pocket microwaves, or fun cooker.
jealous much??? how incredibly awesome would it be to have this at my desk?! as much as i love sharing a microwave with 20 irritable, menopausal and hungry women, i somehow think i would love this bad boy more.

just think of it, no more waiting in line to heat up whatever barely edible, frozen entree that was on sale, no more worrying i will get yelled at if i make a mess or take too long, and no more having my food smell like the food that was cooked ahead of it.

i could sit in the comfort of my own fantastically small desk,(with all of my cubby buddies staring at me) and heat up my lunch in peace. think of how wonderful that would be, think of the possibilities.......sorry, i was frolicking in funcooker dreamland.

here is a haiku that demosthenes wrote to celebrate the awesomeness of the funcooker:

pocket microwave
heating up mini egg rolls
always makes my day


Pam said...

Visiting from SITS! Loved this- "20 irritable, hungry menopausal women". LOL! Very funny!

Whitney said...

Haha, this seems like such a frivolous issue, but why is that there actually is always some kind of microwave drama in the work place? :)
I'm visiting from SITS today. This is my first time at your blog. It is very unique. I love the letter idea. Keep up the great blogging! Oh yeah... and Happy Saturday!

Whitney said...

so true. I LOATHE the work place microwave, it's always stinky and dirty from coworker A putting in nasty leftovers and cooking them UNCOVERED on HIGH...


hmmm apparently I needed to vent!

Terresa said...

love the fun cooker, and I think my husband would love it even more.
PS: thx for vising blog. Yours is sweet!

Taryn said...

Hi Valentine! I wanted to come by and say hello! I am so very glad you are following my blog, and thank you very much for the sweet comments.
You've got an adorable blog too! I enjoy the letter idea! I am also smitten over that microwave-thingy too! ;)

I hope to hear from you again soon!