Friday, August 7, 2009


dear fetchin' awesome blog friends,

this has been an amazing week! we have received some really great awards. i am sorry that it has taken me a couple of days to get to them. but, demos and i are supes excited about all the blog lovin' that is going around. you guys totally rock!

the awesome lovelies at dtothe4thpower ( who has the cutest and so very creative craft ideas.)

and one pink fish (she home schools and finds the coolest things online) passed the one lovely blog award. thanks ladies!

the amazing orange juice ( she has some really cool craftivities for kids) passed the butterfly award. merci!

the ever so sweet and talented amy at happily ever after, not only passed on this fantastic de-lurker award, but she also made it! see what i mean by talented. it is totally sweet. gracias!

the absolutely fabulous kathie at my net finds (she finds some fetch things online.)passed on the you're a gem award, that she also created! there are some srsly talented women in blogland. grazie!

k, it was really hard (that's what he said) to decide which awards to pass on and which rules to follow. so, after much debate, flipping of a coin and consulting my advisor, a magic 8 ball, i decided, what the hale. and made up my own rules.

since i have already received the lovely blog award before, i am opting to not pass it on again. so i will start with the butterfly award:

1. lizzie at infectious chatter

2. amy at happily ever after

3. sarah at that's what she said

4. supah d at adventures of a wanna be supah mommy

5. foxy at the fox den

6. one pink fish at one pink fish

the de-lurker
was created to award all of the non-lurkers, and to thank them for their non-lurking lifestyle:

1. rawan at rawan's random thoughts

2. darrah at dtothe4thpower

3. kimi at so many kids, so little time

4. kathie at my net finds

5. orange juice at orange juice

you're a gem award
is for the special bloggers who take the time to not only read my posts, but also leave comments, respond to comments, form blog friendships with and support others...the ones who are a real "gem" in the bloggy world:

1. alicia at it ain't easy being cheesy

2. kristina at pulsipher predilections

3. whitney at the king and i

4. debilyn at definitely debilyn

5. hotpants at handbags & handguns

6. kristin atbonbon rose

and last, but oh so very not least, the delightful debilyn at definitely debilyn has tagged LFV for 6 things that make us happy. since we are rule breakers, we are each listing 6 things that make us happy.


1. fresh, clean laundry

2. cheesecake

3. the office

4. mountains

5. fall

6. presents


1.rockin out (when no one is watching) to songs that used to
be popular when i was in high school

2. the fraggles

3. eating bread

4. listening to thunderstorms

5. halloween

6. seattle

you are all fetchalicious,

p.s. i think there has been some slight confusion about our commenting. for anyone who is curious, demosthenes does not comment. not at all. what can i say, she's lame. but if we were to get technical, she doesn't actually even blog. she just happens to email me random letters that i just happen to post. on a blog. so sorry, all comments are made by me. and just me.


Sarah said...

Woo-Hoo! Thank You!! I will post it proudly :)

Kristina P. said...

Thank you, Valentine!

And I don't post the awards, due to hurt feelings in the past, but I genuinely appreciate every one!

Orange Juice said...

So where does Demosthenes live anyway? Don't worry I'm not gonna stalk... he he he...

Kimi said...

That is so FETCH. Thanks guys :)

Anonymous said...

you guys are so awesome! congrats and thank you :-)

supah ~d said...

Hollah!! Awards ROCK.

Why thanks V and D. VD? wait.. not good.

D and V!

Also mild thanks for clearing up the commentation confusion... I'm fairly certain that bloggy p.s. was pointed in my direction.

I appreciate all of your comments VALENTINE. Demo.. wtf ever. :) See if I care if you ever visit.


Scrappy Girl said...

Congrats on all the are great!

ONe PiNK FiSH said...

Wow, congratulations all on the love you've been receiving.

Also a big thank you for passing it along to me. You have mad emy day... again.

foxy said...

Awwwwww... how'd you know?! That butterfly award is just what I've ALWAYS WANTED!! Yay! Thank you!

And congrats on all your awards... so well deserved!

Amy said...

Oooh, aren't you the most popular person in all bloggy-land! Thank you for the award! I love getting awards! They just make me so happy. And thank you for calling me talented, you are too sweet.

valentine said...

thanks! you guys are so awesome.

@kristina- i totally understand. thanks for letting me know.

@supah d- no, the p.s. wasn't directed at you. LOL trust, you were not the only one that was confused by who was actually commenting on their blog.

@orange juice- demos lives far, far away from me. it totally sucks. we keep trying to convince each other to move closer. we're too stubborn.

@amy, no, i wish i were popular. but i just hoarded all the awards so i could have an awardapalooza, so i'd look cool. deception, thats how i roll.

It's All Good said...

Thank you so much for my award, I'm totally proud of my non-lurking-ness! wooo!

debilyn said...

you lovely ladies have made my day!!

thank you so much for passing along the award, and for playing along with the happy list :)

seriously, people like you are the reason i blog.


Kristin said...

How much do you rock? Methinks a a lot. You're a peach. Thanks!

Julie said...

Wow..that's a bunch of awards you got there! Congrats.
Thanks for clearing up who does I know :)

Lizzie said...

i knew it was you Valentine :) the comments smelled of you, every time. ha ha


supah ~d said...


i may or may not have left you a present on my blog.

latah .

Orange Juice said...

I for got to thank you for the De Lurking Award Yeya!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the award. I am a gem!

And a special thank you to Valentine who apparently does all the work around here. :)