Monday, August 17, 2009


dear fabulous LFV readers,

hot dang! i am so excited to finally being doing a giveaway. we reached 50 followers a short while back and i thought it would be fun to do one for it. so, this is my giveaway, demosthenes will be doing the next one, when we reach 100 posts, which is approaching fast!so, when i started this blog 4 months ago, i never imagined i would have so much fun and meet such wonderful blog friends. you all have been so awesome, so as a thank you for all the blog amour:

i am gonna do a giveaway for both of these beautiful frames, so 2 people will get 1 frame each. these are incredible frames, if i do say so myself, which i do because i totally made them!!

when my dear blog friend, debilyn had her 100th post, she did this awesome Q&A for her giveaway, i thought that sounded like fun. so, all you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post, which includes a question you'd like to ask to get to know me or demosthenes better (i guess just indicate V, D or B for both, in your question).

each comment that contains a question counts as one entry, and each commenter can submit up to 2 questions, which means you can have a couple of entries. the only rule is that you can only ask ONE question per comment. it starts today, mon, aug 17 and runs until fri, aug 21. i will announce the winners on aug. 24. oh and make sure that i have some way to contact you.

*sorry, this will only be open to those that live in the united states and canada*


so slowly, but surely, one thing at a time, demos and myself have decided to reveal a little about ourselves. our newest reveal? photos! that's right, you can now see our darling mugs. it may not seem like a big deal, but it is for me and demos. we were initially planning to be completely anonymous, as you can see, we are slowly changing our minds. anyways, this is us.

a note from demosthenes as to why we posted pics: "mostly I thought we should post pics just so no one thinks we're THOSE girls. Ya know, the ones with cheeto crumbs on their shirts and unwashed hair". so true demos, so true.


so, speaking of returning blog love, letters from valentine, has been nominated for a couple of Blogger Choice Awards, so this is my humble plea to click on our badges, that are oh so conveniently located in the top right corner, and vote for us. you will be eternally fetching awesome!

My site was nominated for Best Blog About Stuff!

My site was nominated for Best Humor Blog!

rollin' it giveaway style,


Anonymous said...

those frames are so beautiful!!

here is my first question both of you:

what are your hobbies?


Anonymous said...

and my other question to both:

what is your ideal vacation?


Anonymous said...

Only 2 questions? I need more time to think.

debilyn said...

i'm loving those frames!

first question {one or both can answer}

what is one of your favorite "sister" memories?

debilyn said...

second question:

of the two of you, which one is the "mother hen"?

Mighty M said...

What is your all time favorite movie or series of movies??

Anonymous said...

1st Question (for both): What's your favorite Adam Sandler movie? If you don't have one, we can't be friends.

Anonymous said...

2nd Question (again for both): Who is a bigger DB? Jon Gosselin or Spencer Pratt? I know you're with me on the DB abbreviation. :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 50 readers!

Question 1: (For V) Since you're a "Monica", what is your favorite Friends episode, or your favorite line from a show?

Anonymous said...

Question 2: (For Both) Which way does your toilet paper hang? Under or over?

Anonymous said...


those frames are gorgeous :-)

It's so cool to see pictures of you both!!

My first question is what made you start this blog?

Anonymous said...

my second question is:

how do you post? do you just type it up and post on a whim or do you take notes, plan out what you're going to say then write a draft, edit, etc. and then post?


Clare said...

I love the frames, especially the one on the right.

B - Do you both like the same kind of movies or do you have a definite difference of opinion?

B - Do you prefer coffee or tea? Im a tea person, (English breakfast like the chick who hit the Mona Lisa!)

Kristina P. said...

What is your favorite thing about me. I know it's hard to restrict to just one or two.

Hit 40 said...

Congratulations on 50!! Nice. I am always sad when one drops me. Is it something I said??? Perplexing.

ONe PiNK FiSH said...

Well, look at you. 50 followers in a short four months sounds great to me. Love the black and white frame by the way. You have some talent.

Anyways, question 1: whoever wants to answer... What is your favorite vampire book series or movie?

ONe PiNK FiSH said...

question 2 again, both can anwser or one...If you could have a one night stand with any one famous person of your choice, who would it be?

It's All Good said...

oh yay, i want the black and white one, so cute!

V: Mac or PC?

It's All Good said...

D: What's your fav pizza topping?

The Redhead Riter said...

Very pretty frames. Elegant.

question #1
If you have only one talent (including any you might already have), what would it be?

The Redhead Riter said...

question #2
What is your most embarrassing moment?

Kimi said...

OK question one...who is older V or D?

Kimi said...

Question 2

Breakfast Club or Pretty in Pink

beth said...

love the frames! so have to think of questions. my mind is blank right now. and...totally did not picture the two of you as blondes! glad to see you are not the cheetos crumbs type of girls, though.

supah ~d said...

Im all over those frames. I'm totally putting a picture of edward in one.

1. favorite michael jackson song and why or if you hate on him... why.

supah ~d said...

Two things you're better at than your sis.. and two things your sis is better than you at.

I don't care if it's two questions in one.
Suck it.


im winning that picture frame ( sing songin) winning that picture frame.. goinna put edwards face in lalalala

foxy said...

You are so talented to make such crafty cute frames - i love them!

ok, question 1 (both q's for both):

team edward or jacob?

foxy said...

and question #2:

what song makes you want to get up and shake it?

Alicia said...

Only 2 questions????? WHAT THE FLIP??

ok those weren't my two. here they are...

1- If you could be any cartoon character who would you be?

2- If you could serenade me with any song, what would it be?

go ahead....take your time...i'm patient...

Amy said...

I am amazed and astounded by your talent (as always).

V- if you had no limit on money, what would your house look like?

Amy said...

D- If you were a disney villian who would you be? and why?

Orange Juice said...

GORGEOUS FRAMES! I can't believe you made them!

Where did your obsession with all things monsters come from?

Lizzie said...

i'm glad i am not the only one who reads with my laptop next to me, you know... just in case i need to google something in my book (hee hee)

yeah ladies!! Congrats on all your worshipers, Oops! I mean followers :)

enter me!! Those are super cute frames.