Monday, August 24, 2009

winners! and answers.

dear readers,

hot diggity dog, ya'll!! so, as promised i am gonna announce the winners of our first giveaway, it was a lot of fun and thank you to everyone that participated.

so, the winners are:




* as an extra bonus, if you want, you can grab the "Your Blog is Fetch" button and stick it on your blog. *

congrats guys! email me your info and i will get your frame out to you shortly.

now, onto other biznass, your questions.

debilyn asked: "of the two of you, which one is the "mother hen"?

D: totes val. no way its me.
V: yeah, it's me. LOL i am such a worrier!

might m asked:
"What is your all time favorite movie or series of movies??"

V: srsly, i can only have one? k, um, black hawk down. the hubs and i saw it on our first date. and i love war movies.
D: that would be eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

hotpants asked:"what's your favorite Adam Sandler movie? If you don't have one, we can't be friends.

D: we can't be friends :(
V: geez demos! um, i liked 50 first dates.

d2the4thpower asked:"Which way does your toilet paper hang? Under or over?"

V: i like it under, but it tends to be both ways.
D: it goes both ways ;)

kathie asked:how do you post? do you just type it up and post on a whim or do you take notes, plan out what you're going to say then write a draft, edit, etc. and then post?

D:mostly i just post based on whatever ridiculous conversation i'm having with valentine that day.

i never. never post without extensive editing. i don't take notes, but sometimes, usually at work, if i have an idea, i'll start a draft real quick and finish it when i get home. i get my ideas from just jared (not just jared jr) and weird convos with demosthenes.

clare asked:"Do you both like the same kind of movies or do you have a definite difference of opinion?"

D: NO. val likes crappy movies and i like awesome movies:)
V: hey now! my movies aren't crappy, just because they tend to be of the female persuasion....okay, yeah, they tend to be lame, but i love 'em.

kristina asked: "What is your favorite thing about me?"

D: that you asked such an awesome question
V: that you're snuggie-licious.

one pink fish asked: "What is your favorite vampire book series or movie?"

D: do i really have to answer that question? do you read our blog at all? :)
V: twilight! it's all we talk about and drives everyone around us insane.

kimi asked: "who is older V or D?"

V: me! by a year and a half.
D: val :(

supah~d asked: "favorite michael jackson song and why or if you hate on him... why"

D: thriller, its the only one i know.....
V: thanks for stealing my answer.....ooh! got one, beat it! thank you google.

foxy asked:"team edward or jacob?"

V: team edward, jacob is too obnoxious.
D: totes team edward. i lost all interest in jacob when he mouth raped bella in book 3. (and she forgives him????)
V: mouth raped?? sweet! lol

amy asked: D: "If you were a disney villian who would you be? and why?"

D: OMG! you must know me, you could not have asked a more perfect question for demosthenes. i didn't even have to think about it, my answer is as automatic as my name. maleficient. she is one bada** b*tch.

orange juice asked: "Where did your obsession with all things monsters come from?"

D: i'm pretty sure i'm the one with the monster obsession, not valentine. i don't know where it came from, but if you don't heart zombies, aliens, dragons, rancors, balrogs and wraiths... then there's something wrong with YOU!
V: yeah, that is all demos, the only monsters i love are the cullen's. but i do find zombies to be funny....

it's all good asked: "What's your fav pizza topping?"

V: cheese. i'm boring
D: puppies and kittens
V: what?? lol

k, on that note....... we will finish answering the rest of the questions in another post.

thanks for playing along,


Kimi said...

Congrats to the winners. Love the Q and A.

beth said...

love the q&a's, but girls, you really should give anne rice's vampires a try. they could be like the cullens' beloved aunts and uncles or something!

Waxy said...

Great Q&A! I prefer baby seals on my pizza...

foxy said...

You two are high-larious!

"...mouth raped Bella" - that seriously made me snort out loud. Now that I'm thinking about it though, that is EXACTLY what he did. Most awful mouth rape ever... ick!

MiMi said...

Congrats to the winners!
That was a great interview; fun to read!

Kristina P. said...

This was a fun post! I loved getting to know both of you better.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the winners! I'm jealous :)

Loved reading all the q's and a's...and toilet paper hangs over. Al-ways.

Julie said...

Ah...that last answer left me in stitches. I'll have to remember that!

Kristin said...

Congrats to the gals and just cheese???

Mighty M said...

Love the Q&A!

SupahMommy said...

congrats girls ( begrudgingly...)

Fun questions.

debilyn.. i'm headed over to figure you out.

Anonymous said...

I might be a little sad that you don't like Adam Sandler movies, but you make up for it by loving Twilight.

PS - My Blogger account still shows I follow you. Maybe it's your followers gadget. Those things don't work half the time.

Alicia said...

congrats to the winners!! even though i didn't win...hogwash.