Tuesday, August 4, 2009

demosthenes turn

dear valentine,

yesterday you shed some light onto the enigma that is valentine. i then felt obligated to do the same about me. thanks ;)

in some ways i'm way cooler than you valentine, but in other ways i'm waayyyyyy nerdier!

your technology is trapped in 1990 right? crappy cell phone, no caller id, no texting. i'm the complete opposite. i own 2 iphones, one ipod nano, a mac book, and a mac mini. that's in addition to my hubby's iphone, three ipods, and imac.

so how could a super awesomely cool, mac gal be a major nerd? (hanging head in embarrassment....) i also own all 11 wheel of time books, and count down to the next installment's release date.

if you don't know what WoT is, congratulations. you are automatically cooler than me. if you know exactly what i'm talking about and share my excitement for nov 2009, then you should work on getting a life. (and i mean a real life, not an internet chat room life where you get to name yourself aes sedai of the green ajah and flirt with some warders..... not that i've ever done that.....)

for some reason i can never seem to complete a conversation without mentioning lines from one of the following: star wars, harry potter, or the princess bride. for example.... one of my friends recently named her new baby girl eisley. my first thought? no, it wasn't "oh what a cute name!" or "congratulations on the new addition".

it was "that baby looks like it blasted itself out of mos eisley". (once again, if you don't know what mos eisley is, you've just gained 2 cool points. if you realize that its a most wretched hive of villainy and scum please do not pass go and do not collect $200).

biggest pet peeve:

crumpled paper products. that includes napkins, tissues, paper straw wrappers, etc. they should all be folded neatly with neat creases. crumpling them into a wad of paper is grounds for divorce. it was in the prenup.

slightly smaller pet peeve:

when people (other than my hubby or mom) call me "dear", "hun", "honey" or any other term of endearment. i am not their "hun" and its demeaning to call me that, especially if you are a complete stranger.

i think i've gone on too long already, and you are probably all slowly backing away from your computers, trying not to attract attention, like you're running from the t-rex in jurassic park.

don't worry, i'm not crazy. at least, that's what i wrote in the note i left on robert pattinson's car last night.


Kristina P. said...

My coworkers and I were just talking about terms of endearment tonight. Boooo, is what I say.

It's All Good said...

First of all, I gained some cool points tonight! Second of all, we can never be friends, because I have the habit of rolling up, crumpling, and tearing anything napkin or paper that is folded nicely (I even tear off the wrappers on water bottles and rip them up) BUT Mac owners are not cool, we're the dorkiest of dorks, and I'm proud! =)

Alluring Interiors said...

They were sooooo right over at BonBon Rose...This blog is hiGh-laR-iOuS! Imma have to "stalk" you now!

Anonymous said...

lol, the end is the best part!!

Kristin said...

It drives me crazy when people sweetie me. Icksville. And anyone who quotes the Princess Bride cannot be a nerd. It's inconceivable. Ah ha

Kimi said...

Ah good times. I hate people calling me sweetie or darlin or anything else lovey. It just makes my skin crawl.

Anonymous said...

You had me at iPhone. You lost me at WoT, but quickly gained me back with the note on Rob's car.

Amy said...

I am with you on the crumpled paper. I like things to be neat and look nice, even if it is trash. Oh! You just made my day. I got cool points.

debilyn said...

I don't think it's possible for me to adore you guys any more than I currently do...

I always leave your blog happy!!!

Amy said...

By the way, I have an award for you on my blog tomorrow. Come claim it... not that you need any more awards, but hey, I thought I would add to your great collection

Waxy said...

I got cool points! Yippee! Thanks, hun! haha...

Scrappy Girl said...

I have never felt so cool...LOL! I am having a surprise giveaway over on my blog today to celebrate 500 posts!

Vivienne said...

I am so relieved I don't know what in the hell you're talking about. (Although it balances out because I have a cell phone and an iPod.... that's it.)

Lizzie said...

hee hee. OK, i haven't decided the posision i am going to take here. Either you are as cool as I am because i SO wanna rock at Mos Eisley's with those flute playin' aliens and share a drink with Han. OR We're both completely lame... Let's go with the first choice!!! Rock on geeky sister :)
um, and i have a recommendation. I HATE asking this but... sometimes you girls comment on my blog (OK, all the time case i am just so crazy cool too! or i like to think i am. Ahhhhh) anyways. what i am asking is when you comment i always say to myself "i wonder if this is Demosthenes or Valentine?" i wish i knew!!! could you like sign out with "V" or "D" or maybe ignore me completely cause i'm crazy.

by the way... i took your note off Rob's car last night, BACK OFF! he's mine!!!

fine, we can share. but i get him in thanksgiving.

Lizzie said...

k. too many spelling errors in that last post, must go study my dictionary. sorry.

supah ~d said...

i ripped up your note and put my own note in place of it




hershey kiss wrappers rolled into balls.. EWWW
and straw wrappers all rolled up too..

i gets you.
thanks for stopping by

i think it was you.. crap. now i have to go back and read a previous post mentioned... im all confused.

curse you valentine
curse you demosthenes


a little dazed