Tuesday, May 12, 2009

baby mama

dear preggo women,

um, yeah, this video about sums it up!

Pregnant Women are Smug -- powered by Cracked.com

and since it has been awhile since we did a haiku, here is one for your enjoyment:

now that you're pregnant
you don't care about real life
it drives me crazy

it needed to be said,


beth said...

oh. my. god. so freakin' funny. you think you are glowing but you were out whoring and now you're pregnant! i would feel that i should apologize for being pregnant 4 times, but i hated every minute of it, so i was miserable, but not smug (i think). maybe i should apologize for being mean to people for all that time.

Whitney said...

that was so funny!!! I would completely have to agree because my SIL/BIL were SO smug and now that they have baby it's even worse!! Thanks for the laugh!!

Kristin said...

That's freaking hilarious. I never understand Halle Berry. We were pregnant at the same time and she always said how every part of it was wonderful, even puking. Who the hell enjoys puking? Cuz I'm pretty sure I would have given my left arm to stop puking for a minute. Do you watch Scrubs? The singer looks like the Gooch. Peace.

Hit 40 said...

Fabulous video!!!

The girl singing is adorable.

I like her random comments during the song!

Clare said...

fricking crack up. I spent most of my pregnancy in a hospital bed so I had no time to be smug (not that I would have anyway!)

Mighty M said...

Ha ha - I was not at all smug during my pregnancies!! ;-)

Vivienne said...

Bwaaaaaaaaaah! Ha! Ha!
I am copying this post and sending it to my pregnant friends. (Who will laugh at it too, or they can't be my friends.)

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Kristin said...

You have an award on our blog! Go get it or the gooch will kick your arse.

kel said...

So very funny!!