Monday, May 18, 2009

day 1- vampire week (top 5)

dear new moon,

as you can see, we are kicking off our theme week today! totally sweet right? we think so. to start off your monday and ease you into the rest of the week, demosthenes and i came up with a top 5 reasons why your movie will suck.

you are our least favorite book, so hence will be our least favorite movie, but we realize that you play an important part in edward and bella's we could never really dislike you. this is all in good fun. and besides,you are totes getting off easy, we gave your friend, twilight, 10 reasons why it sucked....

top 5 reasons new moon will suck:

1. no grand theft auto will actually take place

2. no lesbian love scene between nicki reed and kristen stewart

3. werewolves. meh

4. more cheesy sparkling

5. kristen stewart still won't be dead at the end

countin' it down vampyre style,

p.s. hope you enjoy the theme week!


Imogen said...

I'm sure I'll love the theme week, just like I do all things Twilight..:roll:

I'm also sure New Moon is gonna turn out to be my least fav movie -I mean, seriously? No Edward for more than half the movie (if the book is anything to go by)???

And ps. what's the deal with Reed and Stewart? Are there no other (more original, might I add) publicity tricks available?

beth said...

awesome! i have to admit though, i am not down with these vampires. i totally roll with the old skool, anne rice vampires. see, i had time to read and watcth movies then. now, if they would just put twilight on noggin, i might have a chance of catching up with them! can't wait to see what the rest of the week has in store.
ps - added your button to my blog!

Vivienne said...

I may be the only one on the planet who hasn't yet read any of these books....

debilyn said...


i love that last one :)

MaryRC said...

the problems i have with the movies are the budgets, teeny teeny because the studio knows they can get away with it. its already an iconic status script. the actors cant wait to be finished with the series so they can move on and do movies they really like. and i just heard from Anna Kendrick (aka Jessica) on a set I was working on that the makeup is worse in NM than it was on Twilight. i beg for some $$ to be thrown to special effects please.

Anonymous said...

New Moon will suck, but I will still love it.