Thursday, May 21, 2009

day 4 - vampire week (BDB)

if you are not familiar with emo edward or (EE) read this first

dear readers,

here is a convo demos and i had after i found out about a new vampire series:

Val: OMG!!! a gal here at work is listening to this vampire romance book, called eternal love. she had me listen to a couple of minutes of is the lamest thing i have ever heard LOL the part i heard has the main character, mary, with her friend, visiting this place where all these vampires live together ( i think it's totally a vampire YMCA LOL)

she is in the hallway and a vampire, named rhage ( i kid you not) thinks she smells effing awesome and essentially starts to accost her with a d*ck as hard as diamonds ( srsly, that is what it said LOL) he loves the way that she speaks so he keeps telling her to say words like "luscious" and "strawberry" LOL anyways, they are interrupted by two of his friends ( vicious and wrath, who the fetch came up with these?) who tell him that he needs to stop because there is no sex in the hallway.

i can totally see it:

wrath: "rhage! we've been through this, there is a sign"

vicious: "if we catch you trying to have sex in the hallway again, we are going to revoke your membership" LOL

Demos: OMG!!!! that is sooooo bad!!! i'm dying over here, is your friend reading this for real, or for laughs? what a crappy, crappy book! i'm second hand embarrassed for the author, and third hand embarrassed for the reader, LOL.

i bet rhage crossed out the "no" part of the "no sex in the hallways sign", LOL. "they'll never know!!"

Val: so apparently this series is called the black dagger brotherhood (BDB) series (must be the name of the club they have at the vamp YMCA LOL)

Demos: LOL, the black dagger brotherhood club at the vamp YMCA!!! that is too funny! do they have monthly membership meetings and dues? or maybe they solve mysteries?

Val: i love that they have a club! i bet they totally have meetings and monthly dinners at great eateries around town like fuddruckers!!!

OMG, wait for it..... wait for it..........

Rhage: oh sh*t, look who just walked into the YMCA.....

wrath: you've got to be kidding me, didn't we kick him out last week?

(and enter stage left,EE!!)

hey guys! whats up? we headed to fuddruckers? i know i can't eat like you guys do, but whatevs, we get to hang out! am i right? who messed up the "no sex in the hallway" sign?

Val: I totally love (to the 35th power!!) that EE showed up at the vamp ymca! they'd totally kick him out. he's probably the one who put the no sex sign up in the first place!!

EE: " hey rhage, my girlfriend, bella is coming to see me later.... what? no, i will being no such thing with her. no, no, its my skin that's like diamonds, not my d* guys always confuse that....."

Demos: esme (answering the telephone): oh hi rhage. again? okay, i'll be right over to pick him up

Val: i can imagine esme had to pick EE up because he was having a hypoglycemic fit, running around the YMCA imposing rules on everyone! LOL

keepin it real, vamp style,


B said...

I'm here to admit I've been laying low on the vampire front because all vampire talk ends up bringing up the darling Edward, and I can't stand those books, but I think I'll hang out and keep reading because I like your version of EE. Way, way better.

Anonymous said...

What font is your signature? Love it!

Whitney said...

Hee heee hee.

So I'm loving that you didn't so much love those books/movie. I thought it was an interesting idea, but certainly not something I'd read over and over again.

Poor EE. That guy just can't make any friends in the vamp world. . . it just makes me want to shed emo tears!

Mama Nut said...

Hi! Stopping by from SITS to check out your blog, and give a little support :)

I'll have to read some more. Have a great night!