Friday, May 22, 2009

rules of life

dear rob,

"dude where are you? i've been waiting by this dumpster for over an hour.........the robstew does not wait"

let me explain the backstory of that caption....demos and myself have a list of 10 rules, rules to live life by, per se. #7 on that list says that if you are gonna give someone a bj, it should be behind a dumpster. after looking at the list one day, we realized that you are invoking that rule everywhere you go! you are totally getting them from crazy fans, crazy fans' moms and crazy co-stars (ahem...nikki reed)

so when i saw this pic, i instantly knew what you were doing, you were waiting by a dumpster for a special friend to show up and make your night. demos and i totally agree you are waiting for someone, but who that someone was......

val: so why do you think he'd be waiting for jackson (jasper) instead of kellan (emmett) or peter (carlisle)? is it his aura of being slightly disturbed? his deep penetrating eyes? his love of suits and cowboy boots?

demos: its totes the deep penetrating eyes. lol.i can just see jackson and rob pattz, can't you? kellan is too much of a mans man to do that sort of thing with another dude. but the other two? they look like they're still trying to "find themselves" lol

yeah.... i guess i can see jackson being more likely to be up for stuff like that, and he is also kinda on the fringe of the whole twilight cast, so maybe he would also do it to be included. lol. now him and nikki reed have something to talk about!

demos: lol, he'd give rob a bj to be included? he'll be on oprah in 5 years "i was just trying to get him to like me, and now my life is all messed up...."

yeah, i totally know what you are up to, if you want me to keep it quiet, then meet me by the dumpster....


Taryn said...

LOL! You two are too funny!

I wanted to stop by and send you an extra special THANK YOU for the sweet comment you left on my blog the other day! It's people like you that make blogging worthwhile! Thanks again, DARLING!!!


Kristin said...

I think Colin Farrell might have taught him his tricks of the groupie trade.

Awesome Sara said...

well hello there. thanks for leaving a comment on my blog about karl lagerfeld being taken by aliens.that is very funny! it makes a lot of sense though. i'm diggin your blog, i'm going to have a loos see. tatat!

Hit 40 said...

Michel also loves twilight. Blog land is hot with the WII balance board and twilight!!!

I will have to check them out this summer.

I thought guys hanging by the dumpster wanted to sneak a private pee??

Imogen said...

"If you want me to keep it quiet, then meet me by the dumpster...."
ROFLMAO!! You guys are so funny it hurts!

Oh and, btw, you make a good point. If my money had to be on one of the would definitely be Jackson ;)