Tuesday, September 1, 2009

more than you ever wanted to know

dear readers,

as promised, we are gonna finish answering the rest of your awesome questions:

hotpants asked: "Who is a bigger DB? Jon Gosselin or Spencer Pratt?"

D: i don't really know who spencer pratt is. (does that make me lame?)

V: i'm gonna say that SP has pulled ahead on this one.

debilyn asked: "what is one of your favorite "sister" memories?"

D: hmmm all my child hood memories of valentine involve her being mean to me. so i guess it would be from high school, when we used to sneak fast food into the house. one of us would go in and distract our mom, while the other took the taco bell contraband and ran straight upstairs to our rooms

V: in all fairness, i wasn't mean. i was just a year and a half older and she was an annoying little sister who totally ruined my street cred. the fast food story is certainly a funny one, but my fav memories are of us driving to school together in the morings, listening to the toast song, click here to hear it.

kathie asked: "what made you start this blog?"

D: valentine actually started it and i just kinda hi-jacked my way into it, LOL

V: i wanted an outlet for all my random (and plethora of twilight) thoughts. i asked demos if i started a blog if she'd be a part of it, she was hesitant, but agreed. the funny thing is that originally she was just gonna post every now and again, but come on, she's too hilarious to not have her post more often!

one pink fish asked: "If you could have a one night stand with any one famous person of your choice, who would it be?"

D: egads, i have to choose just one? rpattz is some serious eye candy :)

V: i really want mine to be rob, but sharing him with my sister? yeah, that has maury written all over it. i'll go with my second choice, eric bana.

the redhead riter asked: "If you have only one talent (including any you might already have), what would it be?"

D: i'd shoot lasers from my eyes

V: how am i supposed to follow that answer?

supah d asked:" Two things you're better at than your sis.. and two things your sis is better than you at. "

D: two things i'm better at than val: climbing trees, photoshopping pics

two things val is better at than me: scrapbooking, hand writing (she always says i write like a boy. and i guess its true)

V: two things i'm better at than demos: craft stuff and the sims (suck it!)

two things demos is better at than me: photoshop and finding weird/random things on the webs

foxy asked: "what song makes you want to get up and shake it?"

D: so many to choose from, but nothing beats "hit em up style" by blu cantrell. ah, high school.

V: yes! blu cantrell! we LOVED that song in high school.

alicia asked: "If you could be any cartoon character who would you be?"

V: penny from inspector gadget. that computer book was totally fetch.

D: rainbow bright. you don't mess with her or she'll bust your a**

clare asked: "Do you prefer coffee or tea?"

V: water, with the occasional sprite.

D: water exclusively

kimi asked:
"Breakfast Club or Pretty in Pink?"

D: i srsly had to google to find out wth you were talking about. and so i guess my answer is pulp fiction.

V: i am kinda with demos on this one, we are 90s kids- mallrats.

it's all good asked:
V: Mac or PC?

* i didn't realize the pizza topping question was just for demos. since i answered hers, shes gonna answer mine*

V: PC all the way

D: Mac

amy asked:V- if you had no limit on money, what would your house look like?
V: i currently live in an apartment, so any house sounds mighty sweet. but if money were no object, i guess i want what everyone wants, turrets, drawbridge and a mote. would have demos keep guard and if anyone tried to enter, she'd shoot them with her laser eyes.

the redhead riter asked: "What is your most embarrassing moment?"

D: i hate this question. next.

V: hey, if demos isn't gonna play. neither am i.

alicia asked: "If you could serenade me with any song, what would it be?"

D: "end of you" by sleater - kinney. if you don't know who sleater- kinney is, put down your cheetos and go download them right now. they're in the i-tunes store.

V: "endlessly" by muse. that song says "lets bone" like nothing else. not that i want to share that particular sentiment with you.......it's just a really good song.

yeah, that's a good place to end,



debilyn said...

seriously wishing you guys were my sisters, too!

me + my two crazy sisters + valentine & demos = taking over the world... i'm almost positive! :)

SupahMommy said...

mall rats.. .lol!! did you ever have big hair? or was that more MY time?

I don't imagine you'd have big hair. It just doesn't go with V and Demo. Just doesn't.

Plus I saw your current pics and well.. now your stuck forever in time that way ... in my brain. Even in 1990.
and again in 2045 when I think of you.

Scrappy Girl said...

You guys crack me up.

Miss Eve said...

Dear Valentine, thank you so much for the lovely comments you left on my blog during I was away :-)
It meant a lot to me.

Have a lovely day and see you soon, much love: Evi

Kimi said...

Ahh good times. Seriously Mallrats. Who doesn't love that. That damn kid is on the escalator again.

Anonymous said...

If you get a house with a drawbridge and mote, I'm inviting myself over for tea.

foxy said...

Okay, I'm just sayin... both of you girls need to put down your cheetos and go rent The Breakfast Club. It is a classic and there's no way in the world you wouldn't like it (unless you're allergic to the f-word). Trust me. Do it.

And I'm thinking about hijacking the word 'fetch'. I love it and I am sick and tired of using 'awesome' all the time, but I need another word to replace it. Please say it's okay... :)

Kristina P. said...

I am with Foxy. Long live the 80's!!

MiMi said...

Mall rats! We are kindred spirits. :)
So do ya like Jay and Silent Bob?
I just saw Kimi's comment...haha! That damn kid is on the escalator again...
You guys rock. : )
But I can't believe you had to google Pretty in Pink and Breakfast Club....

Lizzie said...

This is so great! you girls are to funny :)

It's All Good said...

haha, I went to an old mall I ve havent gone to in awhile, I felt like I walked into high school again.... not good...now I remember why I dont go there anymore...

beth said...

while i do love mall rats, clerks, etc., i do think you girls should check out pretty in pink and the breakfast club. there is totally enough quirkiness in bot hof them for you girls to appreciate them. i would love to hear your thoughts on ducky!

Kristin said...

DUDES. No 80's love?? Although I'll give you Mallrats.