Monday, June 29, 2009

hi, valentine here

dear billy,

this has been a sad few days, first ed mcmahon, then farrah, then michael and now you....why you were taken so soon, i do not know. all you were trying to do is make the world a cleaner place with your very enthusiastic shouting talking and thumbs upping.

i have been giving it some thought, as to what was the best way to honor you and the only way i can think of is to list all of my favorite infomercials. what can i say? this is the form that my grief is taking.

ah, the food dehydrator. i remember watching this one thinking "man, wouldn't it be great if i could make my own beef jerky??" talk about a great infomercial!

it made a 10 year old girl, who does not particularly care for meat, want to make her own effing jerky!! congrats food dehydrator guy, congrats.

the dude who wants us all to get money from the gov. i mean, how is this guy not to be trusted and taken seriously? he has a question mark jacket, which we all know, is very, very expensive. he must have the secrets to gov. money,

otherwise, how could he afford that styling jacket? yeah, the shouting helped as well, to drive home the message that he was serious

the space bags....what a great invention. i mean, who doesn't have 15 winter coats that always seem to be in the way? what to do, what to do? i know, suction them into bags that are effing difficult to get into and let's face it, look very weird.

but i do like how the safari hat makes it look like our closets are a jungle. baahaa!! oh you advertising geniuses, you are effing hilarious!

last, but not least, the cornballer!! k, so this isn't a real product, but doesn't mean that i don't love seeing george sr. trying to peddle his shotty piece of shiz cornballer, both in america and mexico.

if this was available, i know i'd buy it, just so i could gather round my family and friends and so we'd "all be laughing and cornholing"

i give you two thumbs up,


thatgirlblogs said...

I can't even tell you how much I love my huggable hangers...

meanwhile I hope heaven is as exciting as his infomercials were.

Alicia said...

really? with the food dehydrator? my husband totally wants one!! i can't believe you remember half these things!

Orange Juice said...

OK So obviously I can't pay him the respects that you have seeing as I don't know if I have the right guy. Is he the Oxy Clean guy? Or someone that invented it plus all those other things.
I know SHAMEFUL! :( Boo on me.

Anonymous said...

poor Billy Mayes, infomercials won't be the same now...I wonder if he got recognized a lot

Mary K Brennan said...

I can't even count the amount of those plastic storing bags I have bought over the years.
Stopping by from SITS.

Lizzie said...

yeah what's the deal? i am scared to turn on the news, who passed away while i was sleeping? :(

k, now my son ALWAYS tells me i need those space bags. and they can't wait till christmas, rumor has it there will be a set of Aqua globes waiting for me under the tree! (my kids know more about infomercials then i do, darn nickelodeon advertising!!!)

Amy said...

WHAT!!?!? Belly Mayes died? When did this happen? This is tragic! I hate to say it, but he has had more of an influence on my life than Mr. Jackson. I mean, I didn't even start listening to Mr. Jackson's music until a couple of months ago, but I have seen Mr. Mayes since I was a tiny kid. Oh the tragedy!

kel said...

Oh my gosh.. the cornballer. I'm giggling like a middle schooler over here.

great tribute!

Mighty M said...

Such a sad week!

Julie said...

Yeah, I bought the food dehydrator. Too bad it wouldn't fit in those suction bags.

Jessica said...

It was definitely entertaining to watch his infomercials in some very weird ways! Great tribute!