Tuesday, June 2, 2009

league of extraordinary ladies

dear kathie,

if only my high school JROTC Colonel could see me now, (that's right....demos and i were both JROTC nerds in h.s.....whaz up? where all my JROTC ho's at? holla!) wait,where was i? that's right, telling you how my Col. would be proud.....and i think he would be. i believe he always felt that demos and myself would go on to do something extraordinary and awesome:

and as you can see, we totally did! thank you kathie for gifting me with the "extraordinary and awesome" award. you are such an incredible blog friend, this means a lot to both demos and myself. your blog is definitely extraordinary, you find the most amazing deals, the coolest stuff, and fantastic crafts! everyone should totally check out your site!

this one didn't really come with any rules, so i am going to pass this award onto my 6 new blog friends:

1. imogen at sneak a peek

2. cheryl at the coolest mom on the block

3. Rocksee at the porch swing

4. chrissy at a lil' dash of diva

5. becca at isn't this fun!?

6. teri at the mighty m family

you guys are all awesome and a treat for that awesomeness- a haiku of course!

an award to me
i'm extraordinary
i am awesome too

isn't it awesome to be extraordinarily awesome?


Anonymous said...

This really did make laugh out loud! You're extraordinarily and awesomely welcome :-)

Mighty M said...

Thanks!!! ;-)

Chrissy said...

Sweet! Thanks so much!

Your cool friend Cheryl said...

Thanks so much...you're the coolest!

Chrissy said...

You have a blog award waiting for you, come on over and claim it!

Rocksee said...

Thank you very very much!