Monday, June 1, 2009

twilight is the champion!

dear mtv,

yeah, i watched your movie awards last night, i wasn't going to, because let's be honest, it's not really something that i am really into. that is, until i heard that rob, kristen and taylor would be revealing a trailer for new moon. um, hi, of course i will sit through 3 hours just to watch a 1:48 clip! fetch yeah!

so i sat through the red carpet, i don't have mtv, but x17 streamed it online, and let me tell you, the interviewer was an absolute d*ck! he totally sounded like ned ryerson from groundhog day! and he didn't recognize ashley greene and kept calling kellan, kellum! i mean sheesh dude! it's only your job to know who celebrities are and to ask intelligent questions....and you fail on both accounts.

they are absolutely adorable! srsly, why aren't these 2 together?

kristen also was on the red carpet, but didn't really stop, at least not to talk to the d*uche that i was forced to listen to, totally don't blame her!

i thought she looked really great, and while i admire her for going with something other than heels, i am not digging the chucks....

here is taylor, looking totally cute and adorable in all his 17 year old glory.

anyways, the show finally started and it was surprisingly better than i anticipated,
andy samberg hosted and did a really funny skit spoofing slumdog millionaire, twilight, the reader and star trek. must admit, loved the twilight part the best, but i may be a bit biased

and here is rob, winning best breakout male. he looks absolutely swoon worthy!!

rob, kristen and taylor to introduce to trailer!!!! *squeal with delight*

poor kristen! she not only drops her award, but also jumps to get out of the way and kinda shrieks! but she came back to finish and proudly declares " i was just about as awkward as you thought i was gonna be"

oh kristen, yes you were, but i like you a little better now because of it.

and finally, the best movie award goes to:

that's right, twilight!! holla!! slumdog millionaire can totally suck it!!

there were a few slow, awkward, boring and just uncomfortable moments (yeah, i'm looking at you keifer sutherland....) but overall i really enjoyed it and i am glad that i stayed up frickin ridiculously late for it!

we all are champions, because we saw the new moon trailer,

p.s. sorry if this letter is a little rough, a) it's really late and b) i wasn't gonna do a post about the awards, but after watching it, changed my mind.

p.p.s.- sound off! how did ya'll like rob, kristen and crew, the new moon trailer or the award show in general?


Kristin said...

I somehow in my cold induced haze forgot it was on. I'll have to check one of the million reruns!

Anonymous said...

I wish I had watched now! oh well.

Mighty M said...

I didn't watch - I always get excited about it and then end up disappointed!! I heard Eminem "stormed out". Drama!!

parentingBYdummies said...

Best part was the Eminem thing. Wow!

Anonymous said...

Rob looked delicious so it was well worth the watch.

valentine said...

oh, i can't believe eminem through such a tantrum and stormed out!

might m- the beginning was pretty good, then it started to drag, so it did get a little disappointing.

but as hotpants points out, so totally worth it to see rob looking ever so delicious!

Ronnica said...

Love it when stars are klutzy...makes me feel better about my own lack of balance!

Jenni Jiggety said...

LOVED it. I loved it all. I am so excited for New Moon I can't even stand it...

I Luv Edward 4Eva.

Rocksee said...

Ok, when Rob talked.. ohh my gravy.. that man is delish!