Friday, June 5, 2009

a special day

dear dad,

happy d-day! i know, it is really tomorrow, but i thought i would write to you today. as you know, today celebrates the landing in normandy in world war II on june 6, 1944. it's because of you i will always, always know this date. it's also because of you that i will be spending the whole day tomorrow watching war movies.

i remember as a kid that you never spent much time watching tv or movies, maybe because there were so many of us kids, you figured it was a lost cause to try to watch something you wanted. but once a year, on d-day, you put your foot down and commandeered the television for a full day of your favorite war heroes.

you were gone a lot when i was a kid, busy with work, the scouts and church, i never really saw much of you. so each june 6 i would take advantage of you being in one spot and i would cozy up with you and watch. and thus began our tradition. i really cherished that time. and as we will once again be on different ends of the country, me in the west, you in the east, i will be thinking of you as i watch our favorites this weekend.

the great escape.
one of the best, longest and saddest of our movies.

the longest day. you can never go wrong with john wayne.

tora! tora! tora!
an excellent story of the attack of pearl harbor.

a side note, the hubs took me to this on one of our first dates. knew then he could definitely be the guy for me.

operation petticoat. this is a funny movie, they can't all be violent, gorey and filled with heart ache. plus, i love me some cary grant.

anyways, it is because of you that i have such pride and respect for the brave soldiers who stormed normandy beach that day. and i appreciate you instilling that in me.

hope you enjoy yours as much as i will enjoy mine,


Mighty M said...

What a nice post - Happy Birthday to your dad!!

Kristin said...

Gave me goosebumps lady. Happy bday to your daddio!

Hit 40 said...

Very sweet of you to remember Dday for us on a post. The history teachers where I work always do a great job pumping us up with war info today.

Chrissy said...

Aw! Happy bday to your dad!

Have a great day!

kel said...

great post! Happy Bday to your dad!!!

Anonymous said...

sooooo..... was this like a valentine/dad thing only? LOL, where was i, why was i never invited to watch war movies? LOL

beth said...

lovely post!

Rocksee said...

Happy B Day Daddie!

Imogen said...

Have always loved "The Great Escape". Such a great piece of cinematic history (plus, ain't Steve McQueen gorgeous??)...

Oh, and Operation Petticoat has been on my "to view" list for quite some time now. Your bringing it up will probably get me going tonight..;)