Thursday, June 25, 2009

holy loneliness, robin

dear demosthenes,

oh geez! this has been the longest couple of effing weeks ever! june, of course, is prime wedding time, and since you work in the wedding industry, you have been ever so busy and haven't had time to just chat about nonsense shiz with me. i really, really hate it. why can't you get a boring desk job like me so we can just convo all day long? why can't you work for an absentee boss (instead of for yourself) than you would never feel guilty if you are talking instead of working……*sigh* it’s been sad.

but, it got me thinking,you are the best sidekick! (yes, you are the sidekick, you are younger. i don't make the rules.....) you are just as weird as me, you find the same shiz funny as me, remember those jedi squirrels? (fetch yeah!) the family doesn’t quite understand either of us and you put up with my neurotic tendencies (thanks)

so, to honor my favorite sidekick, i thought i'd showcase some of my favorite sidekicks:

Randy Hickey, Sidekick to: Earl Hickey. what can be said about randy? with his childish innocence and sweet stupidity, randy is exactly what earl needs to help him cross items off his karmic list. he is there for earl no matter what, even if it means missing camden days and seeing smokey the bandit!

Bender, Sidekick to: Fry sure, bender is a selfish, inconsiderate, beer drinking robot who has sold fry out a few times. but fry and bender have a very deep connection, they are both extremely slovenly and like to indulge in dangerous and not well thought out impulses. but under his surly robot exterior, bender really does care for fry and even told him "fry, of all the friends i've're the first." what's not to love?

R2D2, Sidekick to: C3PO how could i not include a star wars reference? R2 communicates entirely in digital bloops and squeals, yet is in many ways the heart and soul of the star wars movies, especially during C3PO's constant whining, complaining and chiding. though he is small and fragile, he is also plucky, resourceful and saves him and C3P0 on multiple occasions. now that is a good sidekick.

i hate june brides,


Alicia said...

Man, I want a kids count?? i love the list....especially randy! lol...stupid june brides!!

Stesha said...

My current sidekick(s) are my kids and their diapers.

Hugs and Mocha,

Mighty M said...

Ah, sidekicks. I have plenty of those. At my hip. ;-)

Anonymous said...


B said...

Love how you two are a total dynamic duo. If my sis and I were compared to something similar I'd be the super hero and she'd be the villain. It doesn't have the same ring as what you've got going on though.

Lizzie said...

i LOVE your sidekick examples! very funny :)


Haha Great post! Sidekicks rock! Stopping by from SITS to leave some Thursday bloggy love

Kimi said...

Yes you've just gotta love some Batman catchphrases! Thanks for stopping by. Your blogging is hilarious. And I think "fetch" is totally gonna catch on.